February 26, 2012


Im in between "going out of town" trips...one of them being our 15th anniversary trip for The Mister and I, after next week's trip home for a day of Remembrance for one of the most beautiful people ever to grace this earth. My sister in law, Darby..who we lost 16 years ago this Feb. 29th to a drunk-stupidass-driver. Darb and I had a very close friendship and I saw her pretty much every single day. Exactly 364 days after she passed, I went out on my very first date with The Mister..whom I had not ever met before..I just knew Darb had a brother named Craig. Maybe that night was Angel guided? Darb always did (loud and stern but very nicely) question my choice in boyfriends.*smile* We all miss her very very very much and altho Mad clearly wasnt anywhere around when Darby was here....she knows all about and is very close to her beautiful Auntie Darby.

Now, The Mister and I are ridiculously excited for our jetsetting anni trip, as its very needed, I'll be leaving my Bunny home..so all the time I can squish in with her is my priority right now. Luckily for me...this is what it looks like outside this morning: and its still snowing....

Which means...snow day.....in jammies....Its gonna be a beautiful thing...Ordering in dinner and not fighting the grocery store on a Sunday is easily justified when theres snow outside...Awww..lookit, my neighbor shoveled my sidewalk for me..so nice!

Now: This cannister set. I also took it free and clear from my Moms house..along with this one..she helps me think outside of boxes...before these 2 cannister sets..I wasnt thinking far out of the furniture box..They're the perfect thing to work on as I wait for paint to dry on the larger pieces..and I LOVE the free reign in creativity I get to have on them! They've both been so fun to do!

 Ummm..yea. Ugly with potential!

Here's the Potential:

So, this baby was a surprise birthday gift from one client to a previous client...I had to mislead  the previous client, Jo when she asked if it was available (before I painted) by telling her it was sold...I just left out the "sold to your sister in law for you" part...*snicker*

I had painted this hutch for Jo and so I was familair with the colors she loved and lived with.

Chalkboard labels!

Thank you Jo for forgiving me and my *misleading* ways..Happy Birthday! 

Today, I imagine that a good chunk of our day will be spent doing this...HOWEVER, this time, I wont leave my phone within reach of my Bunny to video..Altho, I do forgive her because listening to her straight from the belly laugh every-single-time she watches it is priceless...AND, I did rock it, can you hear me singing? AND I do still hold the top score for this song! A-Ha Baby! Woot! Woot!

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