February 1, 2012


Christie: 1  UnBalanced Chao's and ball dropping: 0
I knocked it out of the park today. Went for my run, laundry-what laundry? Mixed up my eco-friendly cleaning supplies, used my cleaning supplies in every nook and cranny and corner of my house. I also, of course, painted some furniture, went on a shopping trip to the hardware store, did a little reconnect with the Mister, helped Mad study for her science test, made dinner and, as promised, went to the mall with Mad to buy her some new jeans..and all of this done before her new strict-er bedtime. Sidenote; my girl picked out yellow jeans...bright beautiful yellow. I totally love them but dont dare tell her that I used to have a similiar pair back in the day. *grin*

On my solo-recharge trip home last week, I brought back this little vintage spice rack (Hi Mom! xoxo) I want to introduce smaller pieces of Revived Vintage into my collection..not everyone needs furniture..plus, having lil things to do in between the big pieces, Bonus!

I had no plan...I seem to work best plan-less...painting and in real life....Here's what happened.

All my favorite colors....funky metal feet, graphite chalkboard labels with adorable lil frames...texture added to the rack, painted in a *swoon* light teal...distressed...oiled...waxed and well. Isnt she a Beaut!

She was sold before she was even introduced...and I have 28 other homes that hope that first one falls thru..,,and ya know what I thnk....what *I* think is, thats 29 people that have really fabulous taste! *snicker* I just adore her..and would want no less wherever she goes. I might be into this new Revived Vintage "accessories" direction of thought. This set was just pure fun! I already have a list of requests and that seriously rocks!

Sidenote: The Mister and I just booked out 15th (holy crap) Anniversary do-da...
Vancouver Island.  My love affair with BC is no secret among my friends and family, I have a small group of my favorite people ever who live in beautiful British Columbia.... so altho Vegas was close....Mexico was close....Vancouver Island won this bid.

Im counting sleeps.

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