January 31, 2012

On Repeat

When I paint, my ears are plugged in with my ipod. Loud...*meh*...probably too loud..unhealthy loud..but Im usually home alone so I have no one around I have to set an example for. I dont hear my phone, my doorbell...nothing except my playlists..Its a must..painting in silence doesnt inspire me at all..it makes me think about life outside of my studio space and then all of a sudden, Im cleaning my bathroom or taking the dogs for a walk...it forces reality on me...which then stops creativity from me..So, music ~ a must. Some of my most blatant inspires

Pearl Jam~ Yellow Ledbetter
All about it here ya go!

The Beatles~ Kinda "Blackbird"
Blogged about: right here

Fleetwood Mac~Landslide and Lace
Read the details here.


Here's whats on repeat with myself right now: some love, some lonely and a little lust...a great mix.

I don't understand why people compare Elvis with God. I mean, he's good, but he's no Elvis ;-P

We'll all just have to have to wait and see what's inspired..An Elvis tho, is already in the works.

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