April 11, 2012

Dipped in Gold.

The Mister and I are some-kinda exhausted. We've managed to get about a month of work crammed into 4 days...All the things we've procrasinated on for the last 8 years will finally be completed tomorrow...that is, if either one of us can get out of bed. Repainting decks, walls and doorsframes, yardwork and purging..taking in donations and bottles...repairing doors and floors and whatever the hell else. Next house, there will be a lot more "hunny-do" lists completed on the weekend Ill tell ya all right now...this procrasination-ing really kicked us in the arse this week.
ANYWAYS. Finally. Finally we'll be done tomorrow and Friday our house will be listed and finally I finished this coffee table that my client has waited very patiently for almost 6 months. Thank goodness my client is my mom....she just loved me thru the hurdles of it and was very patient.

This trunk/suitcase was smaller than a trunk, but hard like a trunk, bigger than a suitcase but with one handle like a suitcase..It all didnt matter tho, because as soon as I found it, all I thought was "Coffee Table" (imagine me dramatically motioning my arms in the air "coffee table" in a 2 syllable beat)

and After: Dipped in Gold.

Storage for remotes, magazines, my Christmas presents and whatever else..

I didnt want to cover the original paper detail that was in near perfect shape, so I used molding corners, painted, to screw the legs into. This was actually my husbands idea when I was whining to him about having to cover up the near perfect paper lining with a slab of MDF...thank you Mister.

Im cutting this off now peeps. I have one chalk full day of carpet cleaning, bathroom drain repair and mew closet door hinge routering ahead of me...then Ta-Da! Sleep!

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  1. Case is beautiful! You do such good work! <3 Dad

  2. I love this! You really spruced it up :)

  3. Simply amazing...love it so much I had to "pin it". Hope that is okay!

  4. That looks fabulous! The gold legs are awesome! Thanks for linking up :-)

  5. What a fantastic idea. Love the gold!

  6. Im speechless where did you get the inspiration for this?

  7. Thank you!! I LOVE it!! Woulda kept it for myself if she wasnt my mom..LOL!!
    For my inspiration, my own head actually. I already made a sidetable out of an old suitcase, so since this case was bigger, I thought "coffee table"
    Thank you for your comments and time reading my blog!!

  8. Wow! It turned out fantastic! I'll be featuring you this weekend on Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL! : )

  9. What brand and color is the paint?

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  11. It turned out Amazing!


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