April 23, 2012

Greener Pastures

Our house was being shown tonight so we took the dogs for a walk. I took this picture, just a couple blocks from our house.

This is a picture from the front window of our new *borrowed* house on Vancouver Island.
My-My-My how my view is going to change...not just city to town, river to ocean, but the many different shades of green. One of my favorite colors..

First tho: We have to (sadly) sell our house here.

I finished my last Calgary Revived Vintage peice a few days ago and Ill post about it soon, but since then Ive sold all my paints and unfinshed pieces...and now a heads up for every single person in my life: prepare: Im going to get really really grumpy since I only have reality-and-moving-crap to do and no creative outlet. I might just paint all the box's....with ketchup and mustard...since I have no paint and condiments cant come with us anyways. ;-)

I did paint this shelf a few weeks ago...a gemstone green, go figure...and so far, I could have sold it 16x....but, Im thinking Im going to hoard it for myself, in our new place....because in my Calary house, I actually didnt have many of my own pieces I kept...a clock, my bedside tables, the Misters desk and thats about it. If this lil gem book shelf fits in the storage container on moving day, it was meant to be. If not, I've been given 16 phone numbers with the promise to drop everything and come and get it right away... Funny thing, when your spending an atrocious amount money to move stuff...you really really really want to make sure its stuff  worth spending an atrocious amount of cash on to move.

I snuck this baby in the house a few weeks ago to my husband grumbling about something...I dunno what....*shrug*... Alright, I confess, I ignored him completly but I knew I wasnt going to do handpainted detail, so whippin it up in a few days was completly, abolutly do-able and I was right.

Close up of  the true color and the sa-weet hardware!

Mmmm..Ive been complaining about not having a good camera ..and apparently The Mister listens intently to me because he just confirmed that we'll get a new swanky camera first thing when we move..cause yes, these cell phone ones kinda...really... suck...Wicked. Another perk of the move but Boo, I now have guilt over my "ignore" confession...gawddammit. *smile*


  1. I'm hoping to see LOTS of photos here of you're new home, new surroundings, new ocean views, and new pieces!
    Hope to "see" you after your move too :) If you go into withdrawl without anything to paint, I have a small bathroom could use some attention :)

    <3 Dad

  2. What a great color! Good luck with the packing...or - I could come pack for you and you can come do some pieces I have in my garage...just sayin!

  3. oh that is awesome! the color is smashing! best of luck with the house! :) i know how that goes!

  4. Beautiful color! Wow! The hardware is great too. Just popping in from POWW.

  5. love the dresser the color is gorgeous and you have beautiful views, good luck with the house.

  6. Fantastic color your piece looks terrific.

  7. really looking forward to the ketchup and mustard dining suite ;) you have so much ahead of you....I'm scrunching up a bit inside making YAY faces for you guys!!!


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