May 3, 2012

Work it...

I dunno what my vision was with this lil suitcase. I painted it 8 different colors, but honestly, everytime I finished it, I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips, sat back ~ hummed, hawed...and grabbed another color....and another handful. I finally had to just stop..the ginormous handfulls (and many bags of restock) of chocolate chips was doing a number on my body image and well.....with this lil case, I realized that it wasnt him, it was me..and no matter what color I painted him, I just needed to commit and go with it. So, I took a few of the colors I had used prior..different shades of blues, creams and yellow and ran away with it.

The leather edging was a for-sure no-no to paint! I loved it just perfectly already.

I cant find the "before" picture..Its ' round here somewhere...This move has fried my brain and Im not ashamed to admit that I have a limited capacity on what it can hold at the moment... if you opened my fridge yesterday, you might have been the one to find my new *unmentionables* that I bought sitting right there betweeen the chocolate milk and organic eggs..tossed them in there instead of the laundry room...panties on ice anyone? True story..honesttogawd...what the he..

This lil case is smaller than the other ones Ive done, but *I* thought still perfect for a little table with some storage. Que the music and bring on the models!

Piper and Butterfly Rose are modeling this years hottest look for 2012....a place for dog toys.

Another trendy look for this spring season is an actual home for these contraptions instead of rammed in between the couch cushions...

Books, magazines, front door pocket junk (key's, purses, change bowls) dog leashes..Am I the only one with 11 remote controls for 1 Tv? I think that might be why I love these case-tables so madly. They work perfectly for every-single-thing while remaining in there funky vintage glory

In the end, I love how it turned struggle was only because I had my mind full with 87 other things...and I overthought this piece. Overthinking is a sure fire unnessessary waste of time. 'Cause LOOK! This piece turned out really great!

My models walked off set at the exact same time they usually wake up from there naps....which is 45 minutes before Madi is due home from school...They assumed their daily positions waiting for her to walk down the street. Those girls just love that girl!

The piece cant come with me heading west sadly, so if anyone is interested in having this guy work hard for you while still ooozing adorable-funky-vintage-ness, shoot me an email!

Edited to Add: This Baby is SOLD! Thank you so much everyone.

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