March 24, 2011

Rosie the Robot

Sometimes things just come together...unexpectedly but perfectly..One of the things Im talking about is this sidetable that I dragged home last week. It freaked me out, Im not gonna lie. All I saw looking at it was a giant robot gaping mouth with 2 lil beady eye's staring at me. I even faced it towards the wall in my basement. She was creepy, but I knew she could also be pretty.

think "Jetsons"

ahhhh..I still wish I had a "Rosie." When I was little I wanted one because it would have been so super cool to have robot around, now as a 30-bla-bla year old it would be so super cool to have someone else cook dinner.  Actually. I dont even care if they're a robot.


So, I went with black. Maybe it was Robot inspired or maybe Im reading way too deep, but there was no wavering...this baby was going to be black. the end....kinda.

I originally went with the small black crystal knobs to go with my black theme. Maybe to help blend the Robot face into oblivian? May-be. Then, a client contacted me when she saw it on my Facebook page because she loved it. She mentioned that the room she would like it in has black-with-flowers-decor going on. Really! Black you say? Flowers you say.. So, I went digging into my hardware stash and sent L this photo. As pretty and perfect as this was as is..obviously..THIS was more perfect for where its going.

Im glad she made the finaly knob choice. If it were up to me, with my famous indecisivenss...Id still be humm'n and haw'n with the black knob on the one side, the flower knob on the other and me looking at the table with one eye closed still trying to decide how I liked it better.

Sidenote, my client emailed me and said that her husband instantly pointed out a (altho, now waaay prettier) Robot face, which she didnt see until he mentioned it, altho, she said that it doesnt at all bother her....Im just grateful that I wasnt seeing things.....the paint fumes and massive amounts of time alone spent in my basement sometimes concern me *grin*


  1. love that you share your create process and sense of humor as you collaborate with your clients. this piece spoke to you and now Rosie has flowers - how wonderful right?

  2. so cute! i love black and white, and the knobs just put it over the top!


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