March 27, 2011

Payin for it now.

The Mister and I got an unexpected opportunity to head out on a date-night on Friday. It was glorious and Im not over-shoot'in when I use the adjective. The Mister is truly my best friend so when we can head out and leave "Mom and Dad" at home, we always have fun! We went to the neighhood pub...but soon Karaoke night started. Dont get me wrong..I appreciate the good time Karaoke can bring, so hanging around and listening for the first hour is always fun...but after that I find, the drinks are startin to kick in, the song choices get extreme. Then, if your the driver for the night, like me, it's just time to leave the Rockstars to have their uninhibited great time, without the sober chick in the corner giving away the rating of your performance by her unintentional facial expressions. I should say matter your beverage condition, a great karaokee singer or not, some songs should never be attempted outside the shower....Celine Dion, Whitney Houston  and as a personal request..please dont do Johnny Cash.

After we headed over to the casino....we're so cheap that we dont play anything higher than the 5 cent machines..still tho...still tho...I always win...Not enough to retire on, but enough to win back the money we spent, and to buy breakfast on the way home. Power of Positive!!  The Wizard of Oz is my favorite game, altho.....Star Trek is a close second. Both games feel the same way about me too and have proven it a couple times.  *grin*
Any-way, 2 days later....even tho no bevies were overly consumed...just the 3 am bedtime and early morning really put my body into retaliation and Im still paying for Friday....well worth it...for sure...but ouch ouch ouch and another day will be spent on the couch with movies and a round of naps for everyone...especially since I just found out that my Bunny has never seen that pig classic "Babe".

Mmmmok, now on to paint-y stuff. As usual, I'm working on numerous projects at the same time to keep the creative juices flowin and me entertained. I was casualy chatting to my sister the other night and she casualy mentioned she needs a front entry table to drop keys and mail onto but with a short wall thats in a hallway, the specific size for height, width and depth would be a challange. Well, wait justa second here.

I hauled this brass piece home months ago and wondered why ever since. Not at all my usual. It used to, once a upon a time, have a glass top, but it was long gone. I cut a piece of wood for the top, primed it and stuffed it in a corner. ..then remembered to take this before picture..

Well, again..things happen exactly the way they were meant to because this table is everything perfect that my sister needs for her front entry space!

*Disclaimer* not actually my sisters front entry*

I didnt do all red because I already did the all-red-thing on the hutch I sent over as a house warming gift, but her house IS accented in red...So, I went with red and metaliic champage..distressed and glazed. I added fabric to the wood top since I knew this wasnt going to be used for anything other than the small items that you drop when you walk in your front door.

and I even painted her toes!

Now, Im off for a Sunday afternoon movie-marathon/nap fest.

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