March 30, 2011

My turn

Alright, so finally...................finally. The Mister gave up on our Ikea coffee table standoff and said that he "doesnt care" and "I can do whatever I want"...but then, then I had some guilt to work thru. He was sincere and he said it all while laughing but still...So, I decided that instead of getting a new coffee table right now, Ill paint the one we have right now and that'll make us both happy for right now. Then, once I took ours away for a week, I saw just what The Mister was talking about.. We need one with height so when we eat there 3 times a week color, play games, its at a comfortable height for us so we dont have  to hunch over or sit on the floor. I totally get it...but it doesnt have to look like this does it?

Yup, not bad..but boring and bla and standard Ikea and boring and bla

and After:

I wanted something bright and bold and colorful, because well, I always want something bright and bold and colorful..I went with a bright yellow, which actually then turned into too bright and bold for my living room...I was going to glaze it with walnut oil and I started too as per my original plan, but it just looked dirty to me. So, I did a white-wash-dry-brush-thing over all of it and thought that was just perfect!

With flash, had to be done..but yikes..seriously, thats bright...this pic shows off more of the newly stripped and re-stained dark walnut top thats very barn-wood-esque

This bad boy was dinged and scratched and dented perfectly the last 6 years we;ve had it...but sadly, when I stripped and sanded it down, I lost them out came my poker thing and my chains and my hammer and I was able to recreate the worn-with-love-marks it had before.

You know I love just came out from the barn that its been in for 78 years kinda shabby

So, I was right! and, The Mister was right! and for right now, we both love our new-and-practical coffee table.


  1. cheep, cheerful and it keeps the "peace"....well done you!

  2. Thank you Dharma! Functional AND pretty..I LOVE compromises!!


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