March 21, 2011

Playing Favorites.

Here she is after:

I HAD to start here because I so love this piece. It took me awhile to finish with the amount of sanding and stripping and I was working on other pieces at the same time...I also had no idea what on earth to do with her, so I just kept painting and painting....those doors right at the front have 4 other colors underneth because I painted, then I hummed and hawed and in the end, they wernt meant to be yellow, navy, gray, green anything other than this seafoam-y turquoise-y hue.

My mom brought over her copper gold leaf for me to try out and altho messy-messy...I loved working with it after some practise. Its perfect for highlighting lil area's and for adding some extra shabby...because shabby it had to be..I dont have the patience for making the leaf stick everywhere perfectly..O, no,no,no. I dont.

I love the colums and the details and the glass panels all around and the glass shelves inside and well,  just everything.

she's so bea-uti-ful if I say so myself....I think, out of everything Ive done...she's the front runner for Mommy's "Favorite."

O, and the before...yes, thats important for the "Aha!" factor

O, I almost forgot to mention that she lights up wonderful is that? You can showcase your collectables, your sentimental items, your favorite things that you dont want the kids to even breath on and dust bunnies!
Hey, just keepin it real at my house. ;-P

I want to build an extra random wall in my house JUST so I can keep her..
but.......*big dramatic sigh*
Mister isnt going for THAT idea....

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  1. great job she looks beautiful, very unique.

  2. Gorgeous! Now where can I put it? . . . . . . . ;-) hehe

  3. So creative! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


  4. that is such a fun piece! love the metallic accents!


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