May 5, 2012

Please dont judge my lack of good judgement. It was an emergency "FUN" intervention 'cause moving sucks.

Warning:*post contains whining that I realize is self inflicted, but its my blog so pppffftttt*

I am putting a stop on everything today.  I had a very irresponsible, very late,  too many Corona's, but a helluva lot of fun on date night with the Mister last night..and altho, one would *think* the Corona's were the bad idea, not so.  It was the 1am stop at McDonalds..(I never ever eat at the Golden M..ever. It being my very first job at age 15, I swore off it, but those fries..those delicious golden fried up french fries seemed like the BEST idea last night..with a side of Big Mac) That, with my 3am bedtime hurt me the most today... So, Im tired, unmotivated and the weather blows. Snow. In May. and not "nice" snow, but pure wet, heavy, soak you to the core cold of the worst offenders. This day is barely hanging on. Thank gawd, Madi has a friend over..altho they're playing 'ipad" games which have a lot of loud annoying sounds coming from them. Im trying to encourage "old fashioned fun" like board games or cards...but as I was so eloquently  told: "This mowing the lawn game is WAY more fun because you can get pelted with gophers and DIE!" Yea, I guess Monopoly has nuthin on that... At some point this afternoon, they covered there faces with whiskers and cat noses in permenant marker..Honestly, between watching 2 baby cats play and the straight from the gut laughing thats commencing over the mowed over gopher guts game, this is absolutly  whats making my day awesome. I dont want to miss a moment of it for a nap.

So, my last Calgary client owned custom piece....Bittersweet for that, also bittersweet because the client is one of my very best friends who I cant pack in a box to take with me...*sob*

K has a few of my pieces in her home....these sidetables,  the Queens headboard, highboy and dresser. She also has Lil Red and Lacey, the the sidetable. So, when K brought over this new find dresser to go with but not match Lacey for her spareroom...I HAD to do it!

A Review:
Here's the inspiration piece that I had to perfectly make go together but not be all matchy-matchy together..'Cause be-still my heart...K doesnt like matchy-matchy either....I also HAD no more of the lace paper liner to use, so perfectly unmatched was gonna be the default anyways :-S

I did some handpainted lace detail in gray on her trim

So, we're caught up and ready for the dresser:


and the After:

I had to add the green somewhere...suttle tho right?

Painted it 2 different shades of grey..and yes I did just rewrite that 3 times to word it in a way to not confuse anyone with the lusty steamy novel "50 Shades of Grey" because  that book and this dresser are not at all related..*Not* that Ive read the book..I just watched a 20\20 special about it followed up the next morning with an episode of The View..*steamy*

*zoned out*

*head shake*

I re-did the same lace detail paint job around the trim...and added some textured wallpaper to the top drawer for some...I dunno...can I say just cause I wanted too?  Silver metal leaf on the handles to make 'em shimmy and shake..ok, just shimmer with a strong metal-y appearance...Distressed, aged, waxed, bla bla bla...and I think it came out perfectly matched for Lacey.

The laughter has stopped.
Its now time for a nap.

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