May 17, 2012

Randoms with a side of a Table Reveal.

A stress headache he says? A s.t.r.e.s.s headache? No, no, see, I dont get stressed.  Im world famous for my optimistic-glass overflowing-everything happens for a reason- laid back-pull up yer panties and just do it already cause its gonna be great-attitude....Ppffttt...stress headache he says.

*I* dont think Im stressed. Im just going down the list of to-do's before we move. Packing, purging, dentists appointments. The thing with big adventures tho: once you decide to go on tend to just want to get going already.. but, if you have time on your hands before you go, you have more time to ponder what your leaving behind. So I'm just appreciating every single thing right now..the calm before the storm..because The Mister only has a few more days at his job before he gets to spend every single day, for who knows how long, with me. ;-) Whattya super lucky guy! That however, is a sure sign we're almost on our way.

Did I ever tell you how Im also world famous for completly random-straight from left field- sponatious thoughts I openly share...sometimes mid conversation, about something not even remotely related to the topic. No? I will sometime.  We have a deep freezer in the basement and its the perfect height for me to use as a table top to hoist my pieces onto and thats exactly what I have been doing. The lid is covered in a rainbow of paint splatters. I could never get around it being up against a wall. So, altho it helped, it also hindered...Then. THEN, driving home one and The Mister (The Mister and I??) saw this table in an alley and we saved it. It was perfect for my new place to paint smaller pieces ontop of.

Now that Im winding down and didnt need this table anymore...I sold most of my paints and have packed up 1/2 of my studio...I knew I wanted to give this table some pretty before I go, since it served me so well in creating other pieces. I had to strip the top since it looked like a Jackson Pollack painting..and then went freesyle on it with my wood burner tool that I completly forgot I had until I was packing...A sure sign of too much stuff.

A ginormous spider crawled across my cheek and over my eyeball last night while I was falling asleep....that pretty much sealed an all nighter for me..
I freaked.. I hatehatehate spiders! Screaming, jumping, and Im even man enough to admit..crying ( a lil bit)...The Mister was in a dead sleep and I woke him up in a panic...After he slayed the beast, (consoled me, laughed at me, consoled me while he laughed at me) I went back to bed...laying ONTOP of him, on HIS side of the bed with the lights ON all night and completly ignored his whining about how his ams were falling asleep and his legs were cramping......Im so tired today... but unless I can nap standing up..I just have to trudge on until I forget the events of the May 16th 12:26am.

This kitchen table is for sale, its not just a pretty face, she's a hard worker too..sadly, it wont fit in the moving truck...The Ad Link! Since Im moving very very soon. I am open to offers on her.


  1. Christie - the table is awesome. You don't have a s.t.r.e.s.s. headache you just have too many details to stuff into one will get better. Oh and the spider thing? L'dMAO at you sprawled out over the hubs with the light on. Someday I will overshare about the time a wolf moth got into my hair during......well, anyway. I laughed at you. Out loud.

  2. WOW. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! you never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas!

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  4. THANK YOU Cassie!! For your comments and for all your inspirations!!

  5. Dharma, I love your comments. They make me laugh out loud straight from my belly. Thank you for those smiles in my day! Thank you as well for making me grateful that my spider-gate was not ill timed to anything other than sleeping *SMILE* Hard to look cute as Im shrieking, crying and jumping around in fear..with an added BONUS: all whilst nekked.


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