May 30, 2012

Post-Its and Peacocks.


So,  we decided a few months ago to make this move..go on this adventure and slowly we've been getting things in line...however, a few major things had to happen before anything could happen. One being sell our house {done}  The Mister had to finsh his notice time at work {done}  I had to close up shop on Revived Vintage and get the last of the custom pieces done {done} and funny thing: these 3 all happened within days of each other...and a few other smaller but equally as important things fell into place the same day as the official sale. So, after things moved slowly for a few months, I now find that ball picking up speed really quickly..Today, the Mister and I have big plans to go around the house with 2 different colors of post-it notes, slapping either the "cant live without it"  or "sell it" color on every-single-thing...the rough plan so far, has very few keep sheets needed.

Im behind on my posts..clearly, since I have a few pieces Ive never shown...Im also behind with breakfast and a dinner Ive actually made myself..In anycase, Im going to grab this yogurt here, a hunk of cheese and post some pictures of a desk.

The Before..this picture makes it look in way better shape than it was in real life...I LOVED the lines of the legs with the tapered-ness....the scallops on the edges under the drawer...whatever, I loved it all!

My client, J..sent me some pictures of her home..which is a fabulous 100 year old house they're refinishing! Im SO damn jealous!! In anycase, she wasnt sure if she wanted it in the kitchen, where the color a really beautiful shade of a soft blue....or the living room where the color is a clean cream, or the red dining went with a classic neutral that I thought would work in any of those spaces. I went with black on top, slate gray on the bottom and a cream inbetween.

I lined the drawer with a red weave paper...durable for lotsa "stuff"

I added texture to the lil cubbies...and I loved the pencil shelf detail too

I added these peacock knobs that were some of my favorites!

These knobs HAD her living room cream color. They HAD her soft blue kitchen color. They HAD her dining room red color and I already HAD these in my stash....They were meant to be..

The Mister is starting to post-it...and suddenly, without seeing what he's up to.. I dont trust his choices in the color tagging...signing off.

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  1. i love that desk! and the knobs are so perfect! AND congrats on everything- sounds like it was all meant to be! i wish you the best and happiest times ahead!


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