June 4, 2012

Grub for Greg

The ball is really really moving so damn fast now that the Mister is offically done his job and our house is sold. We're  packing and organizing and figuring out what we cant live without and what to leave behind.. I mentally underestimated the amount of work this move was going to be...Kinda like having a baby..you know its going to be a lot of work, but until your in the thick of it...you really cant imagine how its actually going to be. I keep telling The Mister that once we get there and we're lounging oceanside drinking beers, we'll clink our bottles together and say it was all worth it. *smile* My June calender has something (or 4 or 8 things) written in every single box...but July. July has nothing, not a single thing, so sometimes, when Im *this close* to feeling overwhelmed...I pour some wine, flip to July and just stare at it for a moment or 2..

I mentioned a while ago about a fundraiser for a friend and his family. Grub for Greg.

Ive known Greg since before I could legally drive, or be left home alone. He has always inspired me...He's one of those people who is absolutly authentic with everything he does and everyone he meets and just makes this planet better..Its like he's here to set the example for what the rest of us should rise up to.

Greg is a doctor, an author, a friend, a husband and a father. He also has cancer. So, in true small town, community rally-ing, it takes a village style... a fundraiser has been planned to help manage some portion of the costs associated with his cancer treatment and hopefully, to show the Roberts family that we all truly are a million percent behind them fighting this..I dont doubt for one second that if any of us could take on the fist to fist combat that cancer treatments put Greg thru, there would be a line up of people ready...Greg ad Erinn are absolutly amazing people.

Now, the least I could do....I donated a piece of Revived Vintage to the silent auction. Its a 100 year old cabinet that I fell in love with...the knobbily bits and the glass front..*swoon*


I had to repair her in a few spots...but, Hey! She's 100 years old, considering that, she was actually pretty aweseome.

I left the shelves in there original antique glory

I lined the bottom shelf with one of my favorite fabrics, Wish I would have bought more of it...dammit. I then finished the edges with upolstery tacks because... I felt like it.

I added texture to the sides of the cabinet as well as a little bit to the front.. but painted it all the same yellow as the rest..I wanted it suttle but still add interest.

I hope this cabinet goes for a million dollars *grin* but whatever it may go for at the auction, Im so incredibly happy that every single penny will go to help Greg fight this damn cancer and take care of his family...and on June 8th, Im off again to donate some blood, which I always have done thinking abut my cousin, Marshal...now, Ill also be thinking about Greg...cause blood helps fight cancer folks! I strongly encourage everyone who can, to go and read this and then DONATE!!! They serve juice and cookies!! Those vanilla waffer ones with creamy filling squished between them and that dollup of jelly sprinkled in sugar on the top....oh...oh my, I grab about 8 of those packets...then 3 more as Im leaving.

If anyone is interested in reading more about Greg and Erinn, the fundraiser and/or auction, here's the Link!..Greg and Erinn also contribute blog posts helping us keep in touch to what they're up to while they jump this hurdle.

Incase you missed the previous links! Here it is agian! Grub for Greg! Grub for Greg!


  1. so cute! i love that yellow color - it suits it well!

  2. LOve the yellow, so cheery.

  3. What an inspiring story...all the best for huge fundraising success! I'm sure that beautiful piece could go close to a million. Couldn't it? ;-)

  4. What an inspiring story...all the best for huge fundraising success! I'm sure that beautiful piece could go close to a million. Couldn't it? ;-)

  5. What a beautiful transformation - love the color!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you visit and follow back!

  6. Totally loving this piece. i think the textured sides really add to this piece. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Thank you all for encouraging comments!! The cabinet sold for a very pretty penny...much better than I thought it would AND the total raised for the Roberts family was over $28,000!! Huge success!! Thank you again for the comments everyone...Made my day!


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