June 21, 2012

Proud and Misty x2

I have no furniture reveals to show off. The tools are all packed up, the paint has been sold or donated...Ive grounded myself from all thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales  and successfully sold the few remaining Revived Vintage pieces I had left. My studio area is now the dumping ground gathering place for the packed boxes. All thats basically left around here is the things we still need...toothbrushes, cereal, underwear...the basic's. Im calling right now, the eye of the storm....We're almost there...just a few more sleeps to that place where the trucks will be loaded and the keys are handed over to the new owner and we're offically homeless, rumbling down the highway heading west...Still trying to find a soundtrack song for that moment...recommendations?

We've been ALL OVER the place this month..besides purging, packing and selling everything else. There was also another trip out to the island and now, we're trying to cram in extra visits with friends and family here in Alberta...which is making me a little misty..We go southern Alberta one day, northern Alberta the next, and around this city for dinner and drinks. I am so happy The Mister is home everyday with me. We're just so much better together..A few months from now, when he goes back to work......thats gonna suck, so Im enjoying every single moment....and next week, Ill be counting that blessing x2 when our Bunny is done school and we're all together reving up for our adventure!

I went home to Lethbridge last week to drop off the Grub for Greg cabinet..The BBQ fundraiser was a MASSIVE success!! I am immensely proud of my hometown community..It actually makes me misty (again) when I think about it.  The total raised for The Roberts family is $28,325. Yes, thats's right~ 28 thousand, 3 hundred and 25 dollars. Staggering. Every single penny of that goes to Greg and Erinn..I am so grateful to have been apart of it..The Revived Vintage cabinet sold for a pretty penny to someone who I secretly hoped would buy it...Cara! She's tried to get a few of my pieces, but always *just missed* them, sold right from under her. So, she might have had a leg up while I was painting this piece, thinking about her and what she would like while I worked on it...*snicker* Obviously, THAT worked. Please take a moment and read The Roberts own blog post about the success of Grub for Greg.

I lOVE you Lethbridge....

 On my way back to Calgary...I adore the big sky prairies! Im going to miss them very much.

I know Ive been lag in my blog posts lately and I apologise. The Mister and I cram so much into the day, I hit that wall around 4...and stay there till the next morning...
I keep thinking ahead 2 weeks from now where we'll be lounging oceanside..yes, I just keep thinking 2 weeks from now where we'll be in the vacation rental and lounging oceanside.....2 weeks...2 weeks..and Ill be well into lounging oceanside... Siiiigggghhh. *smile*

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