July 9, 2012

Week One.

Alright, a week into our new life and so far, *I* am madly in love with it. Madi is madly in love with it, and the Mister, altho usually a non shar-zie kinda guy with how he feels, has said that he hasnt missed Calgary for even one second, which translates into: he's madly in love with it here too.

The last day of school, Mad's friends left this for her:
"We will miss you Madilen" with all if them leaving lil notes of love around it..It was huge and I couldnt fit it all in, but it made me cry..

It took us 3 days to drive here...a uhaul scales mountains similair to a covered wagon...a slow and sometimes painful process.. Me, Madi and the 2 dogs, didnt want to leave The Mister, who was the "u" in the haul, in the dust, so every few hours, we'd meet pull over and wait for him at fruit stands, lakes or historic points of interest along the way..Part of the adventure IS the journey, so we wouldnt thave wished for anything different.. Mad, my lil photographer, took the BEST pictures.

She also, lovingly, took video's of me. Me singing my lungs out to the same 6 songs that pre-move, I never even knew existed..Funny thing, Sirius radio channel 2 "Top 40 hits" You do NOT actually play 40 different songs: you play the same 6 songs FOURTY times in one day..because I told Mad she could choose the station. and thanks to you, I now know Flo-Rida exists and he likes to whistle..that you can call me maybe...Katie Perry is now wide awake, Starships were meant to fly, reach out and touch the sky and that Titainium song. Our moving to the island on Canada Day long weekend soundtrack is short, but complete..and every single time I hear a whistle, I think of Madi laughing "till my tummy hurts" while I jokingly beg her to change it to Elvis radio..our laughing is definitly on that soundtrack too..

Our uhaul was broken into the last night. Really.. the only thing the guy stole was 1/4 tank our our gas (it was pretty empty when we parked it..so he probably drank more than he was able to syphon) and all of the bra's and panties that was in my suitcase, which was in the cab.The back was still locked and untouched...The RCMP found him toting my case down the highway with a bucket of gas and picked him up..Really...true story. Welcome to BC...the crime rates low, but even then, Im thinking pretty harmless... I let him have em...if the guys willing to get arrested for my unmentionables, he needs them more so than I.

Picture time!

This is my view from my dining room table right now where Im writing from. We're renting for the next 2 months while we house shop. At night, the cruise ships sail by...the jar is for all of Madi's treasures that she finds on the beach...Shells, sanddollars, starfish ( alright, I did *buy* the starfish....but it was justifed only because we know they're on our beach, we've seen em, but they're living and breathing and I didnt want that on my conscience)

Living room view..We have cable, but its hasent been turned on all week thanks to this view being so much better. We leave our cell phones at home..even the tween..and head to the beach every single day.

Most of us LOOOOOVE the ocean.

and some others do not..but she'll come around..Shes old..and doesnt like being wet, or dirty, or outside, or on a leash, or anything that involves her off of the couch really...but see, we have no couch, so Butterfly Rose will just have to get used to this new life we moved out here for..
Tomorrow: Im doing "Yoga on the Beach"..never done yoga before...and I just started up my morning runs again, but this time- they are on the beach...See..I madly love it here....

I am dying to paint something tho...dy-in. Im very much looking forward, as stunning as this view is, to set up shop and get to it!


  1. Oh My God - what a dream come true this looks like - absolutely beautiful - and who needs a t.v. when you can sit and look at that!

  2. I am so envious. Congrats on your move and the courage it took! What views.

  3. Wow, Christie, that is some view!!! And yoga on the beach too! Fun! :)


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