August 6, 2012

August!?! Aww Dammit...

Its August. AUGUST!! Im so not ready for August...August, the last month of Madi home from school, the Mister home from work and us doing whatever tickles the fancy that day..I loove this summer...long relaxing days on the beach, late nights around the firepit and late mornings of waking up to brunch since we all slept thru breakfast..Im so not at all ready for August...


Except, we bought a adorable little cottage by the sea and we move in-in August. Ahhh..the bittersweet taste of bittersweetness. We had a list. A list of everything we wanted in our new house..we came all this way after all and didnt want to settle. Our list wasnt complex..
~a larger lot to have a garden stuffed with veggies, fruit, flowers, tree's, grass as well as no neighors squished in ontop of us
~No cookie cutter house design
~walking distance to the beach and to town
~a studio for painting furniture
~more tree's!
As soon as we walked into our little cottage with the purple door: we knew we were home.

 Now: A few nights ago I slept for 13 hours, then had a nap on the beach while The Mister and Madi swam...thats not my norm (the sleeping part isnt my norm, the laying on the shore is since I dont swim anywhere sharks live..even tho, Ive been told there is no sharks on this side of the island..I take no chances. Watching Jaws at 5 left an impression that lasted)...but I think it was the stress of the last 4 months leaving my body. We moved, we're here, we're getting settled, we're all together and now we have a home..I am so very blessed...Now, Ill enjoy this last month before life starts to have rhyme and reason to it, and come September, Ill wail as my baby boards the bus and the Mister heads to work.....I am anxiously awaiting starting up my ReVived Vintage studio in September tho and get painting again..Im painfully looking forward to that actually, since I have painfully missed painting. My nails have never been this long and hands have never been this soft  and I dont like it one little bit.

**Photo overload dead ahead**
This is the path from our new house into town:

This is the forest path from our new house to the beach.

These markers are along the path..pointing out "educational" information about the forest..I love it! I dunno if the kid did...*snicker*

Besides laying on the beach most of our days, we also took in the sandcastle festival in a nearby town..A-mazing! This is sand People!!

We moved to a heavily populated with retiree's community...We actually love it, but it was kinda a  running joke amongst friends and family when they googled our town. Here, on Beach Day, Qualicum held a swimsuit fashion show...and it was hilarious..The retiree's making fun of the retiree's...

My groceries for the week...from the market down the road. Isnt it  just beautiful! The farm house cast iron sink (stamped 1936) makes me swoon too...too bad I cant take it to the new house with me..

The cruise ships sailing by at night...the Disney one stings alittle bit since we LOVED that vacation, but when the sun goes down and they sail by all lit up, its just stunning.

I have managed to drag to our rental some pretty sweet pieces of junk tho! And by "sweet pieces of junk" I mean SA-WHEET pieces of perfectly old rustic vintage treasure that is so stuffed with potential, the hardest part will be deciding which potential to use it for!! The Mister, sadly only see's the junk. How can I have not won him over yet..after 116 years of blessed together-ness (not a typo) he still doubts...*Pffftt* that, to me, only means...Absolutly nothing. I love my junk.

One of them is this beaut! It will be painted as soon as Madi decides on the color and the scheme of it, then hung beautifully on our new front yard fence...Im sure it will be bold and bright with polka dots, since thats her favorite things right now...Its gonna be wicked!

Its dirty and filthy and covered in dead spiders...which means: Its perfect. Also, why yes, that is our boxes of "house" all over the place...and also, why yes, that box it clearly marked "Booze" because you cant waste time scavenging around packed boxes trying to find the stuff when you need it.

I sure am not missing traffic...

My poor Bunny..died (apparently) because I made her eat Quinoa.

Butterfly Rose still loooves her bike rides.

Even the flowers grow tie-dy'ed...this "granola" girl loves that.

Mad and I were having a hoop-off on the beach..After 6 minutes, I finally won

 Every morning, The Mister and I walk the dogs on the beach..

The Mister reading at sunset..

I really stepped away from blogging these past few weeks, just enjoying this wonderful gift of time I have with my family..We know there probably wont be another opportunity where The Mister, me and Madi are all home every single day together, just enjoying every single thing together, so Im taking in every moment in the present I can....

I love here...


  1. It's WONDERFUL! Absolute Paradise! So GLAD for you guys!! (ok - more than bit jealous too) ;-) <3 Dad

  2. Qualicum is so pretty, and quaint. And your description of the purple door on your new home had me sold, too! I hope your August is one that becomes a summer of incredible memories as the years go by. Taking the time that you are is what it's all about... Nice photos, and I love your mailbox! Can't wait to see it painted up :-)

  3. This post made me happy, homesick and full of joy for you making YOUR dream come true. Mad jealous but loving the trail views and the shots of the beach. Easing slowly into your new life sounds like the perfect way to go...enjoy August. Life will be upon you soon enough. Congrats on your new home.


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