September 18, 2012

Progress...with studios AND spiders

My husband and I, have spent the last 3 weeks clearing out, cleaning up, painting, drywalling and of course repurposing..and all for my studio space here at our new house. The deadspiders had me avoiding the start of it for the first 4 days, but The Mister was there like the champ he is and had the shop vac working overtime...I did totally underesimate the spiders here in British Columbia..but Im coming around..My approach is: I see one,  close my eyes, feel my way to the door and leave the room..where hopefully they're gone by the time I need to go back in. That folks, is a huge improvement from the stop-scream at the top of my lungs-do a weird freakout dance and run tactic I used to do...progress..progress....progress.

Altho my studio isnt 100% finished, its also progressed enough for me to sneak in there and paint...PAINT! *swoon* I havent been able to do that in 4 months!! Maybe thats why the Mister made my studio his top priority in a house thats in complete chaos...I might have becomings a tad...grouchy maybe...perhaps..O, Probably. Sidenote: if anything happens to me, as all friends of mine, someone please stuff this blog post in your mouth till the ink smudges so The Mister can never read the last line of my admitting grouchy...

Ive been slowing hoarding new pieces now we moved and I have the space to store them. WOOT! WOOT! WOOOOT!! I started with something easy..I needed some instant gratification here...


I whipped up some chalk paint in a stunning blue....but dont ask me the name of the color cause this is from a can that was actually left behind from the previous owners, then I added a few hues of other colors I had on hand until I was just so happy with what I stirred up.. 

I reupolstered the seat, added some silver leaf highlights in the back details for some metallic shimmer-shimmer and distressed this beauty in all the right places until I thought she was perfect. Wax on-Wax off and this ReVived Vintage piece is done!
I already have 3 more pieces in progress...Now: in my new space: in my new home: Im a machine. 
Inspired everywhere and building the life we moved out here for.


  1. So happy you were able to get back out there and paint!!

  2. Gorgeous chair! So glad you're enjoying your new home and studio.

  3. The chair is beautiful! Christie, we do grow our spiders big out here don't we? I've lived in BC most of my life and still do a freak-out dance when I see the big ones.....somethings never change...LOL

  4. so adorable christie! chairs are always fun for a great pop of color!


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