November 4, 2010

OooOoooOo Eddie!!

So, the other day...while caroozing around ( ya around town? Car-oozing the aile....caroozing. The 2 other people in the room right now are all disagreeing on how to properly spell, caroozing its going to be) Anyways, while caroozing, I came across this fugly but complety solid piece, except for its extreme uglyness, it was flawless. The first time ever I didnt have to pull out the wood filler, drill or Gorilla glue..

See the guilty party! Riiight there...Ugg..cute isnt she....

It did end up staying on the porch for a few days tho as once the front door was opened, it was abandoned right there at the the sight of the birthday toy we had bought for our very favorite 1 year old lil girl, (who's party was the next day) chewed to bits and scattered all over the living room....Priorities took precedent and this table was left, dogs were chased, yelled at, then grounded. Thank you to our crazy bea-u-ti-ful Calgary weather, no damage was done by the elements....Once she did make it inside, all of a sudden she was finshed. 24 hours DONE. I painted the details by hand because I tried the stencil thing, but I didnt like how it looked like a stencil thing, so I did it all by hand and candelight with a teeny tiny lil brush and Pearl Jam plugged into my ears. This is what Eddie inspired:

The table actually doesnt lean to the right.....I do. Im always crooked.

Now, wait. Normally....I dont have the time nor attention span to knock out a detailed piece in such a short ridiculous time...BUT....well, I joined a Bootcamp class to whip my butt into bikini (or just a bathsuit, Im not picky) shape by January 15th....and that Bootcamp class started this week. Now, I thought I was in pretty good, ok shape. I walk alot, love love to ride my cruiser bike, haul laundry every day up 3 flights of stairs...but the bootcamp whooped me. I have never been in such pain..ever. Everything hurt. walking, standing, sitting, laying..Cant wait to go back next week So...I had the time and the limited mobility to spend on this piece...finishing it not only in record time, but today was the first day I could come up the stairs without someone behind me pushing on my bum. (YAY!!) Looks to me, Eddie Vedder not only inspired this piece of work, but also miraculously healed me too..

I painted this an "opps paint" sorta butter-y yellow color with another "oops paint" mustard yellow. The black in the photo's are actually a gray in real life and after some light sanding down everywhere...I glazed with burnt umber and Love...for Eddie Vedder......and for glaze....and for this finished piece..

**Sidenote** I also need to give credit to my amazing friend J, to whom I also maintained a very overdue but very laugh out loud conversation with for a large duration of painting this.Thank you for that. Did I mention I was down in my basement alone..cold...with an extremely large spider my Bunny trapped in a jar starring me down? Your company was very appreciated and I have no doubt that some inspiration also came from that and maybe, perhaps not just from my Pearl Jam ipod.**


  1. Wow!!
    Absolutely beautiful, bravo:)))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  2. Wow! That looks so good! Maybe I should be going to Boot Camp too! Then all of my little projects would look like this! I have a bench, a dresser type side table and an ottoman that all are in need!

  3. Great job love you morexox

  4. Wow! I love the detail you did on this piece. So beautiful! And...good luck on the boot camp! Just think by the end of this you could kick anyone's behind.. ;)

  5. You have made Eddie Vedder proud! This looks awesome!!!!

  6. Nice job on the side table. Beautiful detail. Found you on a link party.

  7. Wow -what an amazing piece of furnature -Do you have a special place in mind for your home?

  8. Such a unique and pretty piece. The stenciling is so well done. Great work!


  9. That is amazingly GOOD. Great in fact.

    Do come link up this inspirational work of art at our diy craft tutorial linky party, so our readers can find you!:
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    new parties open each wednesday.

    Have a happy creative day,

  10. It's beautiful. I love the gray detail around the edges of the drawers. Good luck with your boot camp.

  11. Amazing paint job-love all the details and the colors-inspiring!

  12. Thank you so much for the comments and time taken to snoop my blog!! I really apprecaite it!! I put Eddie in my living room and stuffed him full of the Wii remotes, light sabers, steering wheels and whatever else this contraption comes with. He just works perfectly there!! Also, since my husband is a tad conservitive and Im alot hippie, it makes me smile amoungst the neutral decor of the room that we compromised on..*grin*.
    Thank you all ooosomuch again!!

  13. that looks great! my fave part is the top with the slightly random pattern- looks great and whimsical!

  14. Love how you have made these hi-design pieces with the stenciling. I probably would have stopped with the painting. You've encouraged me to take it a step further.

  15. wow- I LOVE it. Your blog is great and you are so creative! Please keep sharing!


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