November 10, 2010


ALRIGHT!! I confess!
I confess that I do-do projects that dont work out well and I put in the time and effort and hopes and dreams and in the end...BLEK.....and altho I know, one of my quirks (I dont call them faults..its just something I do...and will probably continue to do as I dont plan on any time and energy being spent worrying about no fault- quirk) This side table, is one story.

                                               This is the before...It was love at first sight..

I have a newfound love for yellow..a butter yellow and it really came out of nowhere, which is fine as really..who cares about the why I all of a sudden love this color.....I just do and Im accepting of it. I wanted to paint this yellow. I should have stopped there..
Now, see...I sometimes overpaint things...where I add a lil bit more, and a lil bit more and before I know it...Im THAT lady at the food court mall who has way too much going on with the hair, the lips, the eye shadow, the nails, rings and perfume..oh gawd, the perfume....I think I did that with this one. I should have stuck with JUST yellow.

I did yellow, brown and red..and I lived with this for months waiting for me to fall madly. I had some offers from people wanting to buy her, but I just couldnt...I have no idea why.I just knew there was potential  and so earlier this week, round 2  fired up. The whole time I painted it "its less is more's turn...keep 'er minimal" kept going on in my brain and actually....since Ive NEVER done a minimal piece (Remember I've got that Ukrainian women as personality #3) it was a constant conversation I had with myself. Now, I was ipod plugged into the Beatles while I painted away all day which I didnt even "connect to" until The Mister was yelling for me from upstairs. I obviously, because my volume is alway on full didnt respond, he came down stairs to make sure I hadnt died from paint fumes and upon seeing me alive and breathing, asked me what I was listening too...I said "The Beatles" and he said "O! Thats why its white!"
*light bulb*
Yes, I guess that might be it.

                                                 Again!...the lean to the right thing

Couple things, I had FULL intention of painting the hardware a beautful olive green. Well, actually I did in fact do that but with the yellow still peeking out around the bottom rim from the inside cupboard (which Im leaving, in kudo's to its former yellow self) the 2 colors of the green and yellow flashed me back into high school as those were our colors and I really didnt like them then. 
Another thing..white is really hard to photograph but this is the same color I used on the too pretty vanity. I did glaze this..but I have a love/hate with glaze as I find on some pieces, it just looks I just did in the grooves and kept it clean everywhere else...Thirdly, Im dying to do something freehand all over the top...or the sides..This one seems too plain for personality #3 and she's screaming at me...Ahhh, its a vicious circle...We'll see, I have a couple people interested in taking her home..I just need to decide if Im done with her or if Ill give in to adding a lil bling. In any case, I love-love this more than the yellow/brown/red indecisive-ness table that once was. 
Unrelated Sidenote: I went to a thrift store waaay in the furthest corner of the city the other day...I needed to leave suburbia for a while (thats a ramble of mine soon)...ANY-ways, I found the most amazing, the best, the coolest, made my DAY vintage piece (wha? seriously? Only $4 bucks!) that totally supports my idea that our 1950/60's for-fathers were on the right damn track with bars and entertainment corners being a standard build in family homes. Since I plan on building a bar area in our basement as a throwback because  that was just brilliant..this will be PERFECT for it. It usless for anything OTHER than what it was created for. Entertaining!

A turquoise and gold chip and dip bowl!
{There is no white on it, its turqiouse ok? Promise! Photo-ing isnt my fort-ay} I dont think Ive loved a bowl more. Now, as pointed out by The Mister, for my bootcamp also can hold veggies and dip. *ahem* (Thank you Honey) and as pointed out by My Bunny..the design on it does look like the Star Trek emblem...all of which makes this totally retro bowl even AWESOME-R! Woot! Woot! 


  1. Yer stuff is wonderful. And yer motivation is to be greatly admired. "adjustments" have been always made - only Mozart did things once in perfection. :)

  2. I really love how it turned out. I know, everytime I do a project it never quite works out the way I planned. LOVE the "star trek" set!


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