October 20, 2010

Too Pretty for my Girl

I have a vanity in my room...Im totally guessing, but maybe its from the 1920's?? Its where I keep my girl things that I use every now and then..makeup..creams..you get the idea. My almost 10 year old Bunny keeps mentioning how she wants one. I found that odd as my girl has never been a "girly girl" ever. Never into Princess's, the color pink, brushing her hair and I had more worms living in jars in my kitchen that I care to remember...but, maybe, being almost 10...she was growing up and she wanted a vanity.

I found this at a garage sale that was such a last minute decision to go to that I fished tailed my car turning the corner...Jackpot. They were asking $40....I bargined down to $10. Im good..

                                                I know, I KNOW...FUGGGG UGGGGG! 

It *used* to have casters, but instead of 8 it now had 4..the paint job was horrific, the mirror, I didnt even bother to put up for this shot and the stool? I know, Im laughing too..I wanted turquoise or navy or yellow, but I had to keep this baby not girly and anyone who knows me well knows...knows...I dont like white. However, white was all I could think of for not girly...and I happened to have a can of a soft white...a dirty white..and antique white...I have no idea of the actual name but when I painted it on this, (after sanding my fingerprints off in the prep stages ..holy geezuz) my white was clearly not crisp white, not white-white and so I loved it..After some new handles and some glaze...Ta-Da!

 I'm debating over the mirror..I duunnooo..I know its needed at a vanity...

                                                            and without it...I like-like too

but then I lined the mirror in a pastachio green and I do love that!

Well, in ANY case, my Bunny LOVES it! She adores it!! However, she loves and adores it for someone else..She claims that its just too "girly" for her personal taste..I'm happy she was honest with me..and Im happy she knows herself so well.......and Im also a little bit happy because its an excuse to keep shopping for her something perfect. I had so much fun..I found I do like a white-sort-of shade and I learned that I can spray paint in my basement without getting high...thank you to the window lock key I found just in time.

Hello Kitty.


  1. i like the mirror with it- i think it suits it. and it looks so much better now! the details were lost before, but now they really show. wonderful job! thanks for joining my party!

  2. Great job! Too bad Bunny doesn't love it but, someone will! I think it looks lovely. I also really like your writing style...you're funny and so honest! Thank you for a great afternoon pick me up.

  3. Thank you so much!! Im leaning towards to mirror too..just defines it as a vanity. Too bad it wasnt a smidgen higher then I could use it as a desk..I know if my Bunny had the room in her room, she would take it..but she doesnt love it enough to give up what she has in there. I love who she is.....and she is not swirly girl furniture!..LOL

  4. It is SO pretty and I agree... you couldn't even see the details on it before, but now they pop! And the new hardware helps it to really stand out also. Love it!

  5. It's very pretty! I would love to have one like it. Thanks.

  6. That is really so pretty- it came out beautifully! I like the mirror with it too, but if you don't like that mirror maybe you can find a really pretty one you do like and switch it! Either way, it is delightful and you did a great job! :)


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