October 20, 2010

Night Stand Beauty

I needed a nightstand. I needed a turquoise night stand to be exact....one that looks like its been thru a war but still solid and sturdy enough to last forever....o. and with a pretty lil knob too. Bunny and I went garage sale-ing a few summers ago and came across *something like* this one, except mine was plain ol' pine with an ugly wood knob...

I wanted 2...but 2 wasnt offered at the garage sale and I knew that  probably there wasnt 2 in the set. She was solid..which is perfect...and she was $5 which is perfect-er. I hauled her home, threw her beside my bed right away and (Im so ashamed) she sat there in all her plain ol' pine ugly knob glory for *cough* years. Why is it, or am I the only one, who does anything wonderful with the master bedroom last..after all the rest of the house has been decorated and redecorated and if we're being really honest...even dusted 12 times to the master bedrooms one? I dunno...I dont know the answer but I do know that one day I woke up and hauled her outside to get a good sanding. I knew what I wanted. Turquoise and shabby. I had 2 different turquoise colors so I used them both. I had purple paint left over from painting my kitchen. I had lime green paint left over from my bathroom. I had lil pretty paper sheets left over from something I have no idea..I had black paint, I had sandpaper, I had glaze. I had a pretty glass knob. I got to it. At the end, she looked perfect. Exactly like she had been up in my Grandparents attic for years..

K! Couple things....please ignore the black cord in the background....the damn things you notice after you take the photo, download the photo, crop the photo and post the photo...Nuther thing....no. I did not sweep my floor either. Thank you.

Its very layered in color...like its been 200 different shades throughout her life..Hindsight..I should have beat her up a bit with a hammer to give her some scars...but..I love her just the same.

That wordy framed thing really does sit on my bedside table....The Mister and I eloped...it was very spontanious and so part of that was writting our own vows. He's not a scream his feelings from the rooftop sorta guy, but he's an amazingly talented writer and his vows were beautiful and awww-ing and perfect. Well, I framed them..along with the wild flowers that Bunny picked for me that day and this my very favorite thing!


  1. The paper that was added to the drawer is such an amazing extra touch!

  2. Thank you so much!! I think so too. Funny that I even had it...as Im not scrapbooker or anything..fate maybe?

  3. Oh this is just perfection. Utter perfection. I am so glad to have found your blog :0) Im your newest follower!

  4. That night stand is great. As I was reading, I was thinking, she's just like me. My bedroom really needs some work. I have shutters leaning against the wall. They will someday be a headboard. My husband is also a fantastic writer. He wrote the vows for both of us. We have them framed on the wall in the bedroom.

  5. I think it's beautiful! Great color choice too.

  6. Beautiful!!! Can I ask, did you poly and what glaze did you use? I can totally imagine it coming out of Granny's attic!!

  7. Thank you everyone!! Im going to start my bedroom today...for-sure..with dusting....LOL
    For my Poly I used Minwax Ultra Fast drying in Semi-Gloss. I actually thought it was too glossy for me at first, but I kinda (actually-really) like it now!
    THANK YOU FOR BEING A FOLLOWER! I am so glad Im not the only one that likes to paint paint paint and them sand it all off!!..My husband thinks I am crazy......


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