October 6, 2010

If you love something...set it free.

Is it so terrible to think about selling our house only to get  a larger one only to fit more finds and re-do's into it? Yes, I know..it is terrible but our cozy home doesnt have space for me to keep ALL my favorite projects and that makes me sad. In honest reality tho, if we lived in Buckingham Palace, it too would eventually be stuffed to the seams with my favorite things, the Misters books and the Bunny's collections..In any case, I can still show this project to the world and when she finds a new home, well, her and I will always have Blog. *smile*

So, I normally take free things in as projects. Items that are headed to the dump that do not belong in the dump, I save them, its the hippie in me. However, my sources for free were lacking as of late so I was garage sale-ing and I came across this desk-thing....Sidenote: *IF* I have to pay for a piece, I try to get as close to free as I possible can..This one was marked $40 (outragious!!) I dickered down to $10....Now this is not normally what Im attracted too..kinda dull and boring..no curves or nice hardware, no story to it..but I was bursting at the creative seams and needed *something* to work on. $10 bucks...sold!

So, as you can see...she started off going orange...an orange wash of paint so the grain can show thru..but..no. I didnt like it...Then I did solid orange all over and Mod Podged some paper I found that was sorta cool...it was orange and black and green and wow, that sounds ugly, but trust...it wasnt...UNTIL it was Mod Podged on this cabinet...then it was ugly. At this point Im so glad Im only out $10 bucks and am just done looking at her....but due to a promise I made myself (and maybe kinda to The Mister too) I cant have loads of massive furniture pieces laying around...1 or 2..maybe 3 at a time and (drag finger across neck) THAT'S IT!....So, I went looking for inspiration around my house and seeing as Im not a scrapbooker, I dont have pretty paper all over the place. Ive got looseleaf paper, computer paper and toilet paper..thats the 3 options folks...none of which would really work...THEN. THEN inspiration.... and bla bla bla bla..I transformed her into THIS:

I HAD to go XL on the photo so you can SEE her close

I know..really!! It turned out waaay better than I ever thought! I mean, who the heck Mod Podges furniture with Wal*Mart tin foil?? Me apparently. The Mister and The Bunny seriously thought I had lost my mind..The Bunny even walked around the house mimiking a "Take me to your leader" one liner....but after layers of glaze and paint in greens and golds and blacks and greys...finished off with my navy-blue-purple-ish color on the inside of the cabinets...THEN antique and oh-so-patenia'd upolstery tacks from my chair re-do hammered into corners...she is *insert french accent here* Magnificent.

                                                                                      Now I try to find room around here for her. It was never my intention to keep her...but since Ive had her almost 2 months...put so.much.work. into her and styled her 3 different ways..we've bonded. Yaaarrrgggggkkkk....dammit. Alas, I cant. She is For *siiiighh* Sale


  1. wow,, tin foil? I wouldnt have guessed,, in fact I was thinking you might have used the toilet paper before I kept reading.. haha. But it looks really good.

  2. What a great idea...But what a lot of work! It was all worth it in the end....Right? I love it, so just put it in your will for me! I am visiting from Miss Mustard Seed.


  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! As a brand spanking new blogger..it *really*really* means a lot!! To be honest, the mod podge-ing of tin foil wasnt too bad, infront of the tv with a bowl of chips nearby...it was the layering of differnt colors to make it NOT look like tin foil that was a bit tricky. Hopefully I succeeded...I can say, the photo's dont really show the different colors and varnishes which is too bad..but it'll be yours *someday* Polka Dot and then you'll see! LOL!
    Thank you both so much again!!

  4. Ummm...this is ridiculously awesome. Tin foil? I would have never guessed but I seriously love it!

  5. tin foil! fabulous! I have this HUGE roll of foil I curbed, and have never known what to do with it. I didn't want to use it in the kitchen. hmmmm
    great job!
    thanks for linking up!

  6. I tell ya...pop in a movie, grab a glass of wine and Mod Podge whatever you want right there! It'll go by pretty quickly!!
    Thank you so much for looking and commenting! Really is appreciated!!


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