October 6, 2010

My Molly Ringwald.

What is it with me and vintage phone tables? I dunno, but here's another one! She's so crazy '80's!! I can see Molly Ringwald's butt parked right there while she chatted on the phone in "16 Candles"
or was it "Pretty in Pink?" Really, this table is Molly Ringwald...she was everywhere!

So, Ugly. I know....I agree...and altho I totally hummed and hawwed about removing the desk part completly and making this into a bench, I just couldnt...I mean, this baby is epic!! So, I got out my brand new Oops paint that *I* thought was a navy blue...my 10 year daughter thought was a deep purple and once I started painting....realized, my daughter was right. I still loved the color tho, very eggplant, which I'm determining is "IN" right now. So, my first effort with her was not a love affair..

I did love the eggplant-navy blue-ish...the new hardware...the end.
I used some fabric I had around and for a dabble of color did the orange strip in the groovey at the bottom but really...it was just all blaaablaaa to me. She went and lived in my basement until she got her act together and told me what the heck she wanted, because we obviously were not communicating very well...When she came up from the basement the second time..she looked like this:

                                              I know, you dont have to say it...so much better!

                         The dark color in the fabric was the exact navy-blue-purple-ish color too...weird or fate?

I ended up loving her, my daughter loved her more..but I had no room to keep her. I thought she would be perfect for a back or front door. A place to drop mail, key's, cell phones, pocket junk into and onto...then park yourself right there when your putting on shoes, or kids shoes or well...whatever. Someone else thought so too...and she sold right away. Good bye Molly Ringwald. 


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