October 6, 2010

OooooooOooo My. Its been for-ever.

Ive been busy and over scheduled and have no one to blame but myself. So busy in fact that Im dropping the ball on a few key items in my life and thats really not good. Thank gawd for understanding friends and family that have to put up with me...at one point last week, my Grandfather who lives 5 hours away rang my doorbell and when I answered all dumbfounded as to what he was doing here, I got a "Havent you received any of my voice messages telling you I was coming"..Nice eh? Yea, not so much.

Anyways. Ive been working on a few projects and this one..this one I just finished yesterday. I found her while I was driving home..someone had hauled her out to the curb destined for the dump (tsk tsk) and I saved her. The Mister was in need of a new desk in a bad way, (I thought anyways as he could really care less about important stuff like that) so this.find.was.perfect.

JUST to be crystal clear, this is not the exact desk I found but very well could be...even right down to the hardware. I was so excited to start and I dont have a garage so before I got The Mister to haul this ridiculous heavy desk down to the basement I sanded her outside...then kept going and spray primed her too..then painted....so, oops to the before photo..
Now, when she did make it inside....tragedy. My spray primer ended up being crap and all my new black paint and cherry stain glaze started to peel off everywhere except the drawers...I KNOW..Ugggg..crappy! So I had to super sand her all over again...and start over...which I KNOW you all can imagine is full of pain!

The Mister wanted "manly" I wanted turquoise or purple...we obviously disagree'd but I needed his help to get the ridiculous heavy piece moved around as well as the ugly old desk outt a here..so he won. For the new paint job I choose oil to make it more durable..it was black...supposed to be black...but when I put the drawers back in..I realized there are a few different versions of "black" and this...this oil was more a gun metal grey...really tho, no big deal..gun metal grey is still "manly."

    Please excuse the not-so-awesome picture..its even flash-free..but the office is a very well window endowed loft...so it is what it is..

I love her....but she was a mammoth amount of work only thanks in part to crappy primer *lesson learned* but The Mister needs a nice, quiet, clean, organized place to go whatevertheheckhedoes...so he deserves it I think...PLUS he did help me haul 2 gigantic, misshapen desks up and down 3 flights of curvy stairs...and never complains when I go to the thrift store every.single.day so really, whats a few blood, sweat and tears to show my appreciation?


  1. it looks fabulous! i love the black and wood top together... rustic meets classic! thanks for joining my party!

  2. It really looks good! I hope he is happy with it! I sure would be! I love the hardware!

  3. HE LOVES IT! Mission accomplished AND its not in the landfill! Thank you so much!!


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