September 16, 2010

New Desk! New Desk!

These beaut's sat in my basement for a while. I had an impressive pile going on down there for a little bit..and altho I knew the Mister was "Mmmmm" about it, he never said a word..just supportsupportsupport. I love him. One lovely day, while walking past with a basket full of laundry (and I do think I just may be the only person left with a "vintage" laundry room in the unfinished basement..very 1980's..however, I tell myslef, as Im hauling it up and down TWO flights of stairs, that my butt is going to look amazing for this...Ill keep you posted on that) I grabbed a hammer and just got to it.

These were at first, I swear, meant to be for sale..EVEN tho, Ive wanted a chair just like that for-ever and I really really could use a desk all for myself, they were intended to be prettied up and sold.

Ugly cords and bad photo..yeesh! Its my well endowed loft again.....

I wacked off the back piece, there was no saving it. Besides, I didnt want to make this only function as a desk. Im a girl who likes options. Then I glued, screwed, sanded, and wood filled..she was in some rough shape. Originally, my plan was to paint the design in glaze so it was suttle and classy..and I did it....but didnt like it. It just seemed like a waste to not be able to see it at I did it again in a butter yellow...which didnt look right either. Why I even try to fight the Ukrainian Grandmother in me who likes big, bright, bold, gawdy and sometimes with texture is beyond me...Third attempt and this is what she looks like! I LOVE her..I lined the drawers with rose paper too..just to make her extra
pretty.  I did a varnish coat on her..which I have an extreme love/hate relationship with...I love the durability but hate the chances of screwing up the whole piece at this last step. Ive done it...yes I have..I think I even cried.. With this one, I did alot of was going soo well too, until the last one..the last one *%^&ed the whole thing up and the morning I came down and saw the piece polka dotted with white bumpy spots all over her....I probably didnt handle it as I should was dramatic..I guess, theres my texture..*growl*
 I sanded it..and sanded it..sanded it...and THANK GAWD....table was saved. I did mention that I am a crazy person when it comes to perfection on any creative piece I do right? Im sure I anycase, I go slightly OCD about it.. As for the chair, I wanted funk-to-the-e, so purple with a black glaze it was..I kept the original seat cover...I did restuff and restaple and altho, it might have looked better to some with a new cover, I like to keep something original with everything I do...thats why I love these things in the first place...for their years...
Now, is she for sale?? Ummm.she few times....but I just. had so many people interested but I couldnt commit and finally..un-offered her to the world. I did mention that I could use a desk myself right?  *Smile*

The thing is.....okokok, the THING is.....I like to shop. I like to shop for old furniture that needs some attention...and really, really....I need to make sure Im in a place to welcome them into my life....and when I say "in a place to welcome them into my life" I am referring to The Mister seeing that Im actually in neeeeed of said new item as we have the space for said new item and I'm actually going without old said item  and so, this desk is off to its new home, purchased as a birthday gift for someone special, who I know will love it...and Im off to shop for a old beautiful, but new ugly desk for another I think.  


  1. great job! Love the new look!
    thanks for linking up to my first ever link party.

  2. wow- i see why you just had to keep it. it is stunning! those purple birds are my favorite part! thanks so much for joining my party!


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