September 15, 2010

First "For Sale" Pizzaz Piece...Sold!

Ive refurbished furniture since for-ever!! I remember my pure shock and excitment when I asked my mother if I could paint my new dresser, fully expecting an "ummm...No!" answer... but wait,  that didnt happen. I think I even asked her again right away because I didnt totally believe her. I remember spending for-ever looking at paint colors..I think I settled on a green..a really ugly light pea soup, sage-y, pastel sorta green. I didnt sand, I didnt prime, I didnt fill holes but who cares was the begining of creative doors being opened....
Fast forward some blablabla years later and here I am. Re-nueing my passion for paint on furniture, amoung other things, after a small detour of life...

Now, my first ever "not to keep for me Dammit" piece of furniture. Thats exactly what I thought when I was looking at this one in my living room. I loved it...It was so original and retro and cur-vy..I LOVE cur-vy. I put it down in my basement until she told me what she wanted  (because all my things talk to me...seriously, that happens to every-one Im sure) and then, one day I began. Now, lemmie just say, I am HORRIBLE at remembering to take before photo's, but Ive been trying really hard, and doing pretty good with that. Now... wait... I'm also TERRIBLE at taking in the process photo's, which I have taken none, but the way Im figuring it, this is going to work just like TV magic. It'll be crappy and then POOF, it'll be bea-u-ti-ful!

Ugggg..excuse the ugly deck. Thats actually what The Mister *thought* I was working on that day! HaHa

and Abbrraaaa Caddabbrraaaa


I was inspired by the fabric and oops paint...neither actually went together, but that doesnt usually scare me off at all, if anything I prefer no matchy-matchy things..eclectic is it called? Hippie?? Flea market sheek? (How do you spell that anyways? Chic? Chek"..meh, whatev) In anycase, my little Bunny girl loooved this one..hauled it upstairs to our tiny lil hallway to keep our cordless phone on, sat on it everytime she chatted with Grandma or her friends but as much as I loved it...I didnt LOOVE it..not for my house, nor my hallway and I think it was because I went into this project knowing she wasnt going to stay :-(
It lived back in my basement for a little while, not selling and I was getting a little tired of looking at it and getting discouraged to be honest...Nothing like working your butt off on something only to have it live in an unfinished basement..yeesh. I was actually just about to break open plain 'ol white paint (because I am fully aware that I am the only person on this planet who doesnt like the color white)..but then, I got an email from a wonderful lady pleading that she hoped this table was still for sale, that it was perfect for her...for her house and she LOVED it..How perfect was that? She even sent me a photo of the table in her front entry. She uses it as a drop table for keys, mail, cell phones and the bench for putting on kids shoes....GENUIS! So, I doubted myself..doubted my creativity...doubted my style until my little table found a home that seemed made for it..and someone who LOVED it...A fairy-tale ending in my books!

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  1. Ooo I love how you painted that!!! What is that fabric on the seat? Very cool!


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