November 13, 2010

PRIMER he says!!

Im blessed with an honest husband. One who never sugar coats things that need to be said, but it's always tackfully expressed so feelings or ego's arent hurt. Gawd bless him. I learned a long time ago that if I ask him about the size of my butt in jeans, Ill get the exact clearly I stopped asking and know that if I feel the need to ask..better go and change.
So, I re-painted this table last week and I really wasnt sure if I was finished or not. It was even sold, but I just couldnt, in good conscience let it out of my house with my name on it like it was. I find it so hard to do minimal plain things...I paint to be creative and slapping on a color and then call'er done is really hard for me. This was the piece I was trying to do that on. To leave my comfort zone, try something new and so I kept everything in check. The color, the distressing, the glaze..all in minor quantities.....but I really, I was silently dealing with my big bang detail withdrawls and having conversations with myself about "should I or shouldnt I"....until The Mister came home.  He asked me what color I was going to paint it now its all primed. PRIMED! Primer he called it! Wellllll, didnt THAT just seal it. I cant leave it looking like primer and clearly, that is exactly what its looking like.....tsktsktsk. Then the smart man, he  followed it up with "its not like you to leave your canvas so bare and empty" Dammit, the man was exactly brILLIiantly right....

So, here it was before..primed *grin*

I was doing a Beatles ipod marathon the day I painted this...hence why she ended up white Im SURE. I thought best to continue on with that and see what happens. So, last night, Bunny popped in Transformers into the DVD, I grabbed some chips and dip (in THE new awesome amazing bowl of course) plugged in my ears, parked my butt on the couch beside her and started painting freehand with zero plan..

I thought about leaving it like this.....just the top done, but I still has 24 more songs to go thru on my ipod, so I just kept going.

Ahhhhh....Black Bird! singing in the dead of night....

I feel better. She is done....for sure this time! I am happy and now I know better than to try to do something that really isnt my art style. Ahhhhh Christie, forgeezuzsakes... embrace embrace embrace the big bang details!! But GOOD FOR YOU that you tried something new and out of your comfort zone..Now ya know...xoxo.


  1. What a gorgeous piece! How do you pre:sell these?? People buying a Picasso before Picasso paints it? :-D.
    This piece is beautiful! I love the birds and the balance is wonderful!
    How lucky for you, that you've got the chance to express your creative energies. You might've been stuck in some boring ol' job!
    Love ya . . .

  2. Hey! I LOVE the name of your blog! And, when I saw how you "free-handed" your table, I started singing the Beatles song! heh. GREAT job with that free-handing! It's so cute and original. THANK YOU for linking it up to my weekly link party! Hope you can stop by again next week!

  3. that is AMAZING. i absolutely love it!!! and free hand- you make me sick! in a good way. i am totally blown away and want this table. like my heart skipped a beat and then my pulse quickened...

  4. What an awesome makeover! Looks like your husband's "primer" comment turned out to be a good thing. :) I would love one of these little tables for myself - of course with the back-log of little tables needing love in my garage, I might just have some inspiration to finish one of them now!
    Great job!

  5. i just saw a table very similar to this yesterday at the goodwill store and considered buying it but didn't. now i'm sorry i didn't. I love what you did with it......

    hmmmmm..i just might have to hit up the goodwill again this weekend and see if it is still there!!!

  6. Love the silhouette graphics on this table. Terry

  7. I absolutely love this!Love the Beatles and The White Album! All of your painted furniture is so unique!! I want to follow but can't figure out where??? Unless ya don't want stalkers.

  8. I DO want stalkers!! I love stalkers!! (Well, the good stalker kind, not the scarey creepy kind...) I didnt realize I didnt have my follower button showing, so I fix it.....and now, hopefully, it WAY easier to stalk me! Thank you so much!!


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