June 16, 2011

Landslide, Lace and Stevie Nicks

When Im painting I always always always have my ipod in my ears. I dont hear the phone, I dont hear the doorbell and sometimes, my Bunny has had to come around to the basement window to kick it so I can let her in after a day at school....Ooops. I get inspired by everything every single day..but the 2 things that inspire me this MOST is music and Mother Nature..

I saved this baby from a landfill demise. She was in perfect condition and just needed a good sanding down..She was so stuffed with 1960's swagger, I wanted a 6pm cocktail with an olive garnish everytime I looked her.

For this particular table, I was listening to Fleetwood Mac.....and after that album was done and my throat was sore from being Stevie Nicks, I stood back kinda surprised. Even tho I listen to music everytime I paint, its only sometimes I can put the connection together with the end reult...For Fleetwood Mac,.this is what was finished:

Landslide and Lace.

I painted some lace detail around her front rims with metallic silver and lined the inside shelf in a lacey paper

I cant get good light today since its day 282 of rain and clouds and dark overcast weather :-( but I tried my best
Thank you Stevie...since clearly I can see I was inspired..a little Landslide...a little Leather and Lace maybe? ...even tho Gold Dust Women is is one of my favorites I know she aint on this piece..Mmmm...I hope to be inspired from that one soon.

I didnt even have a chance to list her for sale. As soon as I added her to my Facebook album, I got a text on my batphone screaming SOLD...I think I will forever call this one Stevie...

2 of my other musical inspriation:

Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter"

Beatles "Blackbird"...The white album..clearly...LOL


  1. i love the color and style of this one! sooo fun and unique!

  2. That table shape is fantastic, I love the retro look and you have done it up a treat! Excellent!


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