June 16, 2011

The final bow and the best brew

I got a new coffee maker and its been life changing.. true story...no exageration. I enjoy simplicity...I see no need for super fancy things or the newest best and greatest..My rice cooker Ive had since I was 18 and moved into my first apartment..which was left there by my BF who was moving out of the apartment and knew I could use it..who was given it from her Dad when she moved out.  He had it long before then too because when Becca and I were 14-ish, her and I would go to her house after school and make rice. That baby has years on her...and everysingle time I use it..I think of Becca....*I'm Rambling* Anyway, this programable coffee maker, its the bomb and has improved my life. I set it and forget it and doesnt everything taste better when you dont have to make it yourself? I get up in the am to the smell of fresh coffee instead of my alarm clock, like a Folgers commercial following my nose to the kitchen...I pour myself a cup of fresh brew even before I let the dogs out or wake the Bunny...by the time we're leaving for the bus, Im zen, she's calmer and even tho we'running late (as per every morning) we're not arguing about whos fault it is...My morning has become a Folgers commercial. Beautiful...

This is related to painting...

So, today the Bunny was at school, The Mister went golfing and I was alone sans dogs...I poured a cuppa and headed downstairs...no time wasted. I managed to finish 5 pieces today..well, lets say 4 because one is under wraps till my Dad gets to see it..but its done and ready for a showoff next week..So, first thing, I finished the final piece from The Queens bedrooom set...I LOVED working on this set. K and I have become pretty good friends while its been here and besides our random text visits,  she has taken time and found me some sa-weet pieces of furniture too..she's like the eye's on the back of my head via Kijiji and when I cant be on, she is..Right this very second.. I am waiting for word if my shameful hands and knee's begging, pleading, guilttrip thru email worked to the seller a dresser that K forwarded on to me..*fingers crossed*

Here's the wowza blue before:

and the after: The final piece to The Queen bedroom set

She needed more repair than the other pieces but it was easy peazy stuff..a little drilling, a little sanding, some hammering and she now has beauty and brains

Bare bum wood on top after some stripping and sanding.. I lined the drawers with the same blue diamond fabric to match the other dresser and the sidetables. This one has the dividers that I envy to seperate and organize unmentionables....

The final photo had to be taken in my basement since Im home alone..so it looks darker than it really is...but its the exact same "white down" Benjamin Moore cream that the rest of the set is...lightly distressed to suttlely show some of the old blue peeking thru and then glazed in chocolate brown

Edited: Some new photo's!

muuuuch better.

 The completed set!

Headboard blog post

Dresser and Mirror blog post 


Sidetables blog post

I LOVE how it came together..perfectly! Thank you programable coffee maker for helping with my very productive day...I was able to not only progam you to brew at 7am for when I wake up but also again at 11, and at 3...which kept me fired up and productive..*grin* since I was also able to clean 2 bathroom, do 8 loads of laundry, mow the lawn, plant a garden, dontate blood and take a nap...
Im kidd'in..except about that nap part.


  1. love those details! it looks awesome!

  2. The whole set looks wonderful! Loved looking through your entire blog. I'll be back checking for more inspiration!

  3. that looks great! i love the dakr top!


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