May 29, 2011

The Queens Dresser

Im just finshing up a Queen bedroom set for a client. I already finished the sidetables and the headboard, read it here and today they picked up their ma-hemouth dresser..I still have a tallboy to finish but its gonna be a breeze after this one...she was huge!

A refresher: The Headboard

The Sidetables:

and the Before of this latest Baby:

and Now



Sorry for the crappy pic..K is going to send a better one..but until then..

Painted with Behr "White Down"..and 7 coats later, plus primer..she was cream

Lightly distressed and glazed with burnt umber

The handles are original and just needed to be cleaned with boiling water, vinegar and toothbrush while watching Oprah...then I spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze..the knobs are new and spray painted in ORB too..

Fabric lined drawers in a cream and blue diamond pattern to match the blue sidetables.
The top was stripped to bare bum wood, then re-stained with dark walnut. Then I treated it with beeswax and linseed oil as the final protective coat and to give it some luster..not shine...luster.

Also, when K came to pick it up today she gave me one of the nicest gifts ever! I LOVE homemade things and will choose homemade over mass made any-day ever over anything else all the when she gifted me this from her brand new line called Indigo Finch, it made my day go from pretty great to simply wonderful.

all my favorite colors with "mother nature" design things too

I immediatly used this for my sunglasses..but then since I always leave those in the car,  I switched them out for my glasses-glasses which usually float around in my purse everyday..I ALSO texted her 5 minutes after she left and asked if I could order a laptop case and a case for my Ipod too..both of which I travel with all the time. The laptop gets toted around 2-3 times a week to the tea house or coffee shop while my Bunny's in her extra circular and my ipod lives in my purse 24/7...Cant wait! Cant wait! If anyone is interested in "Indigo Finsh me and Ill forward you over to K! They are so perfectly adorable and well made!!

Up next, the highboy to this set..the final piece...Stay tuned.

Showing off at:
between naps on the porch


  1. Love the paint color and the fabulous transformation!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  2. Hard work....but a beautiful outcome!

  3. Great transformation, she looks lovely!

  4. the whole set looks beautiful i can tell it took you a while this is a massive project. i love the colors and i love the new look of your blog. beautiful,

  5. beautiful job! the top looks awesome! and the details on dresser are lovely.

  6. you do great work! the dresser looks amazing! this would be such a great post for my weekly blog party "from trash to treasure" I'd love it if you joined.

  7. great job! it turned out beautiful!

  8. Looks like one we did a few weeks ago. Our was huuuuge too, took a lot of effort but worth it in the end. Good job.


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