May 31, 2011

Show'n off a lil bit

Even tho I still have the last dresser of this set in my basement, I had to share the photo's of K & D's bedroom so far. I am sooo happy with how soooo happy she is with it and how her and her husbands space is coming together...I know how important my bedroom is to me (I did actually lock myself in here for 5.5 hours today..for real..Sometimes, its just the best thing) so Im grateful that she took the time to send me some photo's so I can love it too!

aww, I think there's a lil puppy snuggl'in on the bed..

I was also sent a photo of the new home for the Bluex2 sidetables I did for Lisa.
I have such ridiculous duvet cover envy over this set..
This is one lucky lucky bed.

and now, Im oogling those curtains too

and here's 'ol Rosie the Robot who doesnt look at all like Rosie the Robot with her fancy new TV..

and I love the navy and copper hutch in its new perfect perfect space

 I think the bird table looks better infront of this color of wall

I LOVE getting to see the pieces I create in their new spaces.. to see them out my basement and in the light...

Thank you for sending them and I hope *fingers crossed* I get sent some more

 Love your people, people....They're important people to love

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