May 27, 2011

Join the Navy.

Ive gotten a couple emails from people who asked me if I found my bedroom too dark now that its navy...I have to say..I LOVE dark deep colors...I dont like white walls, or beige walls or light (any color) walls..My kitchen is a dark purple, my powder room is mat black, my bathroom a chocolate navy really wasnt anything that worried me..That being said. I have a ridiculous master bedroom. Its 2 stories with a loft, has amazing light, making choosing a dark color even easier.

My hallways are a stone gray..even us Ukrainian women have neutral hallways..

I havent decided what to paint my 2 dressers and headboard yet...

I LOVE my navy room. I was doing dishes the other day and thought to myself "I wish I could do these dishes from in my bedroom"

So, I am the wrong person to ask if a color is too dark for a space..for me, its only paint and theres no such thing...

Here's the before:

Now, this was a  totally wrong wrong wrong shade of red that I choose for the hired painter before we actually lived here..I should have chosen the paint store, this color was real life with these massive was more orange than a sexy red..I lived with it for 6 years because I knew I should hire someone to do this massive job..the idea of painting the 17 ft ceilings on a ladder made the Mister queezy ....then I woke up one day, couldnt stand it for another minute and started the time The Mister woke up, I was half done the cutting in..yes, thats right..I painted over his sleeping body. was a humungo job...everyone had to pitch in.

I love dark deep rich no, I dont find them ever "too dark"

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  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    I had the same model of the house when I lived in Somerset ... it was a gorgeous little castle! I wish I could afford to keep it as second home after I got married and moved :)


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