May 27, 2011

My very own Revived Vintage..

I have a love hate thing with the end of the year around here..Love because I love having my Bunny home every single day with me but hate because I'm overflowing with important dates, expectations, to-do lists, year end parties, recitals, pictures, and places to be...somedays, Im teetering on the edge of dropping a ball..How parents can organize life to get everyone everywhere on time, dressed, with full tummy's, teeth brushed, homework done and bed before 10pm is a mytsery to me..especially because I do only have the one Bunny...Its good that I challenge myself every May/June..keeps the ol brain fresh and me on my toes just like the ol days when I also worked full time, but thank goodness its only for May/June with the light at the tunnels end being lazy summer days.

Ive been hunting for bedside tables for my own room for eons and forever..Its honestly been a full rotating door in here with me hauling up every new piece to see if it would work to no avail..I only ever found single tables...never a pair and having a "flea-market chic" kinda style, I was ok with that...but finding 2 different tables with the same height was becoming an epic the Mister used the empty dresser and I kept my sidetables a-comin hoping to find one that worked...because not having one at all is a huge pain in the *beep*

Then*angel harps*......then*the lights of Heaven part the clouds* THEN, I found these......

When I took out the drawers, I found some lady's underwear shoved on the deep back corner...Ummm..wonder who was hiding those from who? *snicker*

 We had recently painted our bedroom from red to navy blue with metallic gold and lime-ish green  accents, so I knew I wanted to stay away from yellow (a favorite) or green (another favorite) especially since my living room is also green/blue/yellow
(Its my favorite color combo thank you to the blue sky, the green tree's and the yellow sun)
 but I wanted this space to be slightly different..

I went with an orange-pink-coral color. It couldnt be too pink because the Mister would hate them..but I didnt want orange so, I went with Carmine Red from Behr which was actually the most perfect shade of compromise ever! I copied this from my favorite color of flower..and yes, I actually took the petals into Home Depot to get it perfect. Hello OCD.

In the can, the Mister wasnt thrilled...It looked neon...however, I knew better

I actually has chosen different hardware...bigger and more clunky, but they only had 7 in stock and wasnt able to ship me the rest for 10-14 days....I do not have the patience of a Saint so I went to my plan B and I think it might have worked out better. Thank you Universe.

Distressed and oil rubbed right down

In their new space..where they fit perfectly..*puurrrrr*
and why, yes..those are album covers framed and hanging on our wall.. Some of our favorite bands in all there vintage glory. I just brought home the headboard a couple days ago and my project for today is building some "stilts" to raise it up a tad higher...Love my pillow top mattress but, for the headboards sake..this combination will require some power tools to make them live in harmony anycase, it *shouldnt* be too difficult.

I luv them and swear, I think I slept better knowing that this baby was beside me..The Mister now likes them especially since I got rid of that empty dresser he used to use and wack his hand/head/leg
 (?? I know..wha?!) on it during the night..

And as if these baby's wernt perfect enough...they were $5 each.(yes, thats what I said..$5each) paint $20 (even tho I always use mistints..I had to have this color) plus hardware ($14.50...yes for all 12)
Perfectly perfect in every way.

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  1. I LOVE the color!!!
    What a great job!!!

  2. These are so great- the color is so pretty. Very Dorothy Draper-esque! Well done!

  3. These are beautiful, well done! Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed.

  4. i'm in love with the color and style of these... the hardware is awesome! where did you get it?

  5. Very Nice! A unique choice of color, and I think the hardware works perfectly. Well done.

  6. They look great, you did an awesome job. The colour really goes well with everything in the room.

  7. Thank you!! These are actually my very favorite pieces of furniture I own at the moment.My husband suggested I list them for sale so I can still have the fun of shopping but the icy glare answered that for him!..LOL I got the hardware from Lee very favorite store to get my hardware from! Thousands of choices and excellent prices! Thank you guys again!!

  8. I am gonna save this in favorites. I sold a piece of furniture that color one time and regret it. They are wonderful.


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