April 25, 2011

A Bedroom Set...the begining

I meet some amazing people doing what I do..and I meet some crazies, but the latter happen anywhere Id be in life so its all good. They make me smile and make me think and that exersises my brain. Still, lucky most days, I'm meeting more wonderful, inspiring people than I am crazies...

Thru my website, I met just such a genuine lovely person. She had bought a whole bedroom set off of Kijiji and wanted it redone..I was beyond excited when she asked if I would do it! Then, I found out she lives mere moments away from me..and, thru our visits, discovered we share a fondnesss for a local neighborhood beer-brewing establishment...my favorite being raspberry, her's blueberry...both delish and highly reccomended. To topper all off, she's related to an old friend of  mine from back home...all fate..forsure it is.  So, with the help of  K, her husband and her adorable lil man in shark rain boots, everything was hauled over under the cover of darkness and today, today, I finished 3 of the 6 pieces.

First, a headboard before:

and a headboard after:

Chocolate brown and white cloud cream....sounds like a yummy dessert. I do LOVE the details of this vintage 1960's Skylar Peppler set..The dressers and mirror have the same perfectly gawdy detail...

I also did these bedside tables for her.. I got these myself with her in mind from "the guy" with the hotel close out furniture..and man, dont these tables look like "hotel swang" 
So, I actually had to hammer and saw off the drawer knobs. I never ever thought about it before but I suppose there would be some crazies out there that would steal hotel furnture hardware.hence the need for them to be welded on...

For inspiration, K sent me a photo of a mural she has on her bedroom wall. It was a silouette of a bird on tree branches. The bird was the prettiest shade of blue. With the rest of the set being painted cream, I thought some color to the bedside tables would look wonderful...and YAY! K thought the same thing!


I stripped the top, I love bare bum wood, and stained with dark walnut. Then painted, distressed, glazed and pulled out the anthro stone knobs Ive been hoarding...and wouldnt you know, they're the perfect shade of cream to tie in with the soon-to-be rest of the set 

I told K's hubby that I wouldnt do anything "flower" but I think I lied since these knobs have one on it. Hopefully he's like my husband who wouldnt ever even notice it until 6 years down the road...We'll see. Fingers Crossed *grin*

Didnt she strip beautiful?

I think this is a great way to kick off the set coming together..Ill-be starting some of the other pieces next week!

Woot! Woot! 


  1. love the set they turned out beautiful

  2. i can't wait to see where it all goes! the nightstands are my fave part- i love that color with the wood top!


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