April 30, 2011

The Terrific Teal-ish-Turquoise-y Table

I had to take a week off thanks to my back..I went to physio and altho it now hurts more, I know Ill hurt less sooner than if I hadnt gone at all...Now, taking it easy it not my personality..I do stuff....I need to do stuff and so not being able to do that stuff frustrates me. I cant vacuum, haul around laundry or furniture, paint, work out, even sleep....and even tho I know "this too shall pass" its been a long week. I did manage to have a beautiful wee lil breakdown Thursday evening..which ended up as a bouqet of flowers and a date with The Mister on Friday...Sometimes that man just knows exactly how to fix things. In any case, I was bummed I didnt have anything new to show off this week until I remembered this table that I havent posted about yet...only because I'm also trying to stay off the computer. Sitting here, I have terrible lazy posture which doesnt help my matters at all...So, Ill have to write this post quicker than normal by not spending much time spellchecking, paraphrasing or thinking much about it.....haha for you....but please no judge-zies *grin*


A small round coffee table I also picked up from "the guy"

I stripped the top to get down to my much loved bare bum wood and pulled out my dark walnut stain. I had this can of paint forever and was dyin to use it..I thought his baby was the perfect thing for that perfect teal/turquoise color!

and FLASH! I cant wait for nicer weather to take my pix outside

I distressed it, of course and glazed it, of course, and then sat back and loved it.....

Ugg...with flash. Had to be done..

Im envious of this ones new home in the country. I love the town she's moving to and we recently considered making that move ourselves. So, its kinda fitting she headed out to those rolling hills,with backyard cows and the best ice cream this side of my sister's house....because Mimi does make pretty "lick" ass ice cream..HAHAHA..didja see what I did there? Instead of "kick" Get it? Lick....WAIT! Gross. That actually came across not at all how I wanted it too..wow...sorry. My sister makes really really great ice cream and I love how this table turned out. Yes. That should be The End. Did I mention the medication Im on???



  1. that turned out adorable. love it in blue and the top looks excellent... great work

  2. Is the re:done top the original teak wood??? This is veerrryyyyy nice . . .

  3. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    Love the blue! It's an adorable little table. I hear ice cream is really good for sore backs too so I'd be milking it for another week!

  4. that is beautiful!!! i love the blue you used. that is one of those tables i can honestly say i'd have passed by, but you made it gorgeous!

  5. I love it! The color is perfect, what a fun makeover!

  6. It looks great. Love the color and who doesn't like a round table? Job well CREATED :) Stop by for a blog visit........I'm following.


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