May 4, 2011


Since Im on an hour a day painting limit, doctors orders, Ive spent some small moments spring purging my house. With some of my clothes not fitting me, my Bunny outgrowing all her toys and me working fulltime from home long enough to know what we do use and what we dont use, Ive been pretty successful in not holding back.....or so I thought. Until today. Today, I realized, all of a sudden, that *holymanjeezuzsaintmurphy* we still have a lot of crap! When I worked for the man, shopping was definitly a form of entertainment.. I apparrently "needed" more shoes that I've never worn or endlesssssssssss tea light candle holders or another board game to appease the guilt I had over working fulltime...Today I didnt mean to spend my day on the purge...I didnt even plan to purge...all I did was attempt to get dressed and when clothing thing after clothing thing didnt fit me anymore or I didnt like it anymore, I tossed it in a pile...then I walked past my jewlery hanging there, realizing I hadnt touched 98% of that crap in easily a to the pile they came the rest of the closet, the dresser drawers, the shoes, the MAC makeup drawer..**really?! I actually wore that blazing pink shade and spent $16 on it?!? Its offical, I was a girl lost**..Today nothing was off holding back....because strip away all the crap...all the excess, all the hoards, all the junk is well, more room to was time to clear the space to clear the mind and I a cheesy, Oprah way of thought....I figure, Ive lost the excess butt fat..Ive lost the excess mental fat....why not the excess house-crap fat?

*Now, ohgawd, prepare....Im going to admit my hoarding 3...2.....1..

I had a walk in closet STUFFED, a 6 drawer dresser STUFFED, the closet in the spare room STUFFED and an 8 drawer dresser that was so STUFFED, when all the laundry was done, I couldnt get the things to fit in it..and did I wear all of it.....ppffffftttt....not even close. Not since my working days almost 2 YEARS AGO...and even then...come on self I say! You.did.not. So, today. I saw the ridiculous-ness for what it was and I managed to manage it. I am now proudly down a whole dresser from my room, can easily put away all sharing one closet again with The Mister and once these items are actually gone from my house, I will feel freakin awesome that this ridiculous overhaul of excessive-ness and mass consumption is managed. Who really needs 23 pairs of jeans? Im embarassed I even wrote that....Torrorrow is my linen closet....Just because I have the matching set,  and it was expensive 10 years ago doesnt mean I have to keep it anymore if it hasnt even seen a bed in 5 ya know?....and the 4 gel heat pads and 3 magic-type bags are probably over doing it a lil bit too...In my re-purposed life, I'm trying to appreciate what I have more and I'm realizing that I actually need less...the surprise of it all, this is actually the real stuff that makes me genuinly happy.. it has nothing to do with shoes.

If I can make it, I do...if I can fix it ,I will.. if I can go without it, all the, I hate dusting.

Now, in thanks to myself for a job well done , I am nominating the Mister to haul our bedroom furniture around to different locations in our room that Im not entirely sure will work out yet. Im a visual person, I so need to see it to decide on it...I have a spare empty dresser to find a new home for...

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