May 5, 2011

To You, love Me

I noticed that Im almost at 50 followers! Wowza's! I never really thought much about how other people may enjoy reading what I write in here..and even tho I know my family does, I also know I sure dont get 50 birthday cards stuffed with fivers, so you all cant be relations of mine. This means that you choose to take time to follow my ramblings and I cant even tell you how MUCH I appreciate that! Well, actually..maybe I can. Im going to have a giveaway..I was going to go with gift card..but then...yea...nooo..I wanted to do something a bit more personal seeing as my blog is a bit more personal, so I thought about a few of my favorite

The only soap I use is handmade natural kinda stuff...I adore it and its so much better for you and the fishes and the tree's and your baby's bum and and and.... So when me and the fam run away into the Mountains, I always go to 2 of my favorite places.. Rocky Mountain Soap and O' Canada Soapworks  and I love them both!! Sometimes I use a bar to make my homemade laundry detergent too...depending on the smell I find and feel like that day!

I looove to pick out my soaps in the fresh air, blankets of tree's and endless blue skies of the Rocky Mountains!! Usually right afterwards, we cross the street to the used book shop...then we're off to the candy store...maybe some the coffee shop for the drive home...*ahhhhh its bliss*...Anyways, while there last time, I picked up my favorites and few extra bars too..

Theres 2 chances to be entered to win these..You can do one or do both!
1) Be a Follower of my blog and leave a comment here about one of YOUR favorite things

2) Another way to enter or for another entry, click here, my Revived Vintage Facebook page and "Like" it, then 
leave a comment on my wall about one of YOUR favorite things!

Ill make the draw in a week and announce loud and proud who the new lovely smelling, squicky clean winner is!

Also, I picked up these beautiful vintage (you know I looove vintage) place settings, which Ill also be gifting (8 piece) away too..They.are.stunner's! I was going to wait for another giveaway opportunity, but I changed my mind. My blog..I can do that..besides, I was afraid if I kept them too long, Id keep them forever..  To be entered to these too...follow the same rules as above.

Ill make the draw for these in 2 weeks and let you all know who needs to invite 7 more people (Im a shoe in) for dinner so we can oooooo and ahhhhhhhh over the place settings.

That's pretty good odds of winning something Id say...IF I was a gambling man..

and thank you again for supporting creative rambling!!


P.S...the love I have for these products is 100% my own...I wasnt at all paid or gifted anything for it.
 I just wanted to share some of "Christie's Favorite Things" because they really are.


  1. Congrats on your 50th - lol! I'm a follower and I do enjoy checking in from time to time with you. No fiver coming from Ontario though ;)

  2. congrats on the 50!!!!
    One of my favorite things is nabisco fruit thins blueberry and brown sugar . they actually taste like blueberry muffin tops... they are delicious.
    and i followed you on facebook of course..
    i would love to win the soap yeah!!!!

  3. Wow! Fifty is definitely a milestone. That's awesome!

    One of my favorite things is finding a well-priced 'treasure' at a garage sale to bring home and enjoy. Garage sale season is just around the corner.....

  4. O! I also LOVE the fruit thins blueberry. When we fly with WestJet, I always ask for more than one bag of those cookies!!
    I CANT fricken wait for garage sale season....cause I know exactly what youre talking about Sharon!..the "I dont know how I lived without this for this long" long as its combined with a "start the car cause I just stole this" sense of of the best feelings ever!

    Thank you all for the comments...and Dharma, Ill be checking my mail regular.

  5. I'm a follower from BC,one of my favorite things is getting my flower gardens planted, hopefully this weekend!

  6. Congratulations on getting to 50! You're almost there. I now have 42 followers so maybe I follow suit and have a giveaway. I love your blog :) My favorite thing of late is creating small flower arrangements and placing them in different rooms of my home.

  7. I'm happily following you and loving your pieces. Something I love is looking at a piece of furniture and suddenly knowing exactly what I want to do with it to make it mine.

  8. Well Ms Ophelia, even though YOU'RE a westerner and I'M an easterner, we're both Canucks, and I'm LOVIN' your little piece of blogland! Your "Love in seafoam green" caused me to ignore housework and dinner plans and wander around your place with a glass of Pinot Grigio at the ready. Keep it comin' young'un!!


I LOVE hearing from you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my blog, but to comment and support!


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