May 9, 2011

Love in Sea Foam Green

Its was love at first sight. I had to pretty-please 2 complete strangers to load it in the back of my Dodge for me..they were very nice and it was very worth it.


I went and found this one even tho I have somany projects in the basement and people waiting for them...but sometimes I just need to let my own creativity out to do whatever it wants to do..
With my back, I havent been able to paint anything for almost a month....but with this baby I was able to use spray paint for the doors and its on wheels so all I had to do was prop myself up against a wall and spin this baby 'round and 'round when I needed to get to the other sides...Its taken me almost a month to do it instead of what normally would take a week..but thats ok. It still fulfilled my passion for painting.

Its painted a  favorite..a sea-foam green-ish teal kinda color. Unfortunatly, its a mis-tint so thats the name I gave it.

Metallic Copper Door, distressed with an oil glaze...I spray painted the hardware cream then distressed the snot right outta it...

I super shabby-up this whole piece because it looked old world style to me..

Oye, please excuse the shabby deck....its a summer project.

Its definitly on my short list of my favorite pieces! Ill be sad when it sells.

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  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    Wow! That looks stunning! Awesome job :)

  2. wowee wow wow! i love it! what an awesome and unique piece! and i love it inder the butterfly- beautiful!

  3. A lovely piece! Good for you for getting the help of strangers and not missing an opportunity. Our youngest son is 11 and is home today after my surgery 'helping' mom. We sat on the front porch for a few minutes of sun, and he noticed that some neighbours had a stack of planter pots on the curb for 'big' garbage day. He carried the huge pile across the street for me to check out because he really believes in recycling and they were perfectly good. (I had been looking at some in the store just this week.) He said "you can always spray paint them mom."

  4. wow, what new life you've given that. i love it!

  5. Your stuff is soooo awesome and unique. We are your newest followers:)


  7. OmiGOSH, this is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!


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