May 13, 2011

I Whuv Spring.

I LOVE Spring...especially THIS Spring. This spring is well deserved and a long time coming...I forgot how much I loved sitting on the front porch with my Bunny right after school just hanging out and talking straight till its well past the time I should have started dinner...I forgot how much I love falling asleep with my window open and waking up to birds singing...I forgot how my favorite dinner is a huge plate of  fresh farmers market fruit and bowls of frozen yogurt and thats "well rounded" perfectly...I forgot how much I love saying "no tv today"...I forgot how much I loved the nights we stick some hotdogs on a stick and start up the firepit and laugh and play until we know the neighbors are starting to look at their clocks...I love blue sky..I love driving on the praires and seeing all the different shades of green..I love going on walks that have no destination...I love my hands in dirt..and I dont think I realized I loved all this stuff as much last year when I took Spring for granted.....

I slowly started painting again...not 8 hours a day like before..but still..Im painting again..thankgawd. Im also working out again and running 2-3x a week altho, Im holding firm with my trepidation in hauling up the laundry baskets or vacuuming *snicker* sanity cant afford any setbacks. 
 I realized...when I paint less, I shop for pieces more....not a good thing since I now have stuff stored in my sisters basement waiting for room in my own..oh dear,.....thank you Mimi!! xoxox

With the bea-u-ti-ful weather this week, I wanted out to be outside everyday but I promised the Mister I "wouldnt try and do anything stupid" like extend the deck, plant a tree or haul around sidewalk pavers..however, I dont sit there very well all by myself doing nothing, so I just grabbed a nooner beer and painted this table right there on my front porch! I also reintroduced myself to all my neighbors.....Its been a very long winter and I havent seen most of them since September..My right-next-door guy even mowed my lawn for me, then raked my lawn and when he brought out his sprinkler, I thought I better roll my butt off the step and take care of that part myself..

So, the before...not bad..but its white...which is, as most of you know, not my favorite. I used my new mat mistint paint that I LOVE! Its a blue/green shade...Kinda like:

Similar, but not. The perk of a color exactly like it. 

In anycase..its a stunner. I added texture to the drawer with paintable wallpaper and did a handpainted design in the lower shelf because it was dinged and gouged and I liked it looking rough...but not after I painted it on with gold paint...I distressed the design and oiled just the shelf with walnut. For the rest of the table, I drybrushed with metallic gold paint (Thanks Mom! xox) and repurposed some hardware I already had by spraypainting it pink and distressing it up!

Did you notice that my pictures were taken in 42 different locations? I was trying to get the color with the dry brush to show really well...but *loong dramatic sigh* I had to give up when The Mister wouldnt re-located it for me anymore...*smile* 

Now you! Go and love yourself some Spring!


  1. luv the table it turned out so cute...

  2. This is a beauty. The original a bit of a beast, but you worked your magic again I can see :) Don't overdue it though - we want you to be a healthy artist :)

  3. Great transformation - we love mixing patterns!

  4. Love this color! And, is that the paint-able wallpaper on the drawer front? Been thinking of doing that...just haven't had time yet!

    Oh...the OTHER Christie :)

  5. Wild redo! Awesome! I do the same thing when trying to get the right shot. Your pics are just fine.

  6. that color is awesome!!! it's so rockstar cool!

  7. Gosh I love your work! Beautiful!

  8. Thank you to everyone single one of you!! I really truly appreciate the comments and support and love..its just wonderful!! Why yes, this IS paintable wallpaper..a favorite of mine and maybe...could be...slightly sometimes overused by me??!..LOL Thank you for the picture reassurance too..theres a few talents I wish I had..singing and picture taking is on the top of that list!


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