May 16, 2011

A Walk in the Park..kinda..

This is my lil family..and the white one there in the middle is our dog Piper....
...who is actually not allowed on the bed

Ok, so I realize that the rest of my family is in this picture too...Theres my Bunny over to the left...and The Mister on the right..the black ball is our other dog, Butterfly Rose and that supermodel striking a pose is Piper...She's the baby of the family and oddly enough, also the best behaved...and this lil blip in the blog post is about her in particular.

She is an amazing girl...very very well behaved and everyone that meets her always ends with "if you ever cant have her anymore, Ill gladly take her"..which is never gonna happen, but thank you just the same...She follows me everywhere! Upstairs, downstairs, from room to the shower, in the kitchen, she sleeps on my feet when I paint...we go running together, we're working on bike riding together (since unlike Butterfly Rose, she doesnt fit in my basket), she helps with laundry, ok..not really..but she lays on the laundry room floor waiting for me, which is more than anyone else around here does, so Ill take it. Her favorite thing ever is the off leash park...and to reward her for good behaviour, The Mister and I took her there today....along with Butterfly Rose of course....


This shot was right before "the hose"

So, In ALL the the WHOLE dog our die hard water-loving-except-in-the-form-of-a-bath dog to find the puddle....Facefirst, then up to the waist..if dogs had waists..there was a brief moment where she got stuck and sank down like quick sand...I internally paniced...I really didnt want to go in after her,( I woulda my Summer dress and all) but she managed to get herself out good thing thankgawd...I couldnt stop laughing hysterically at the whole event....the Mister was not sharing my humor or optimistic attitude that "Well, she needed a bath anyways  and lookit, she's having so much fun"..he was almost dropped onto his knees, fists in the air screaming "Why?!?!" at the Heavens....and on the way home, I laughed all the way at HIM for thinking that this dog would actually steer clear of that puddle.
So, what was supposed to be a relaxing day to do some small errands in the morning and then go for a lovely, relaxing stroll in the park before I got back to painting didnt really happen as planned...

The shaking dog mud splatter I recieved many times between the puddle and car, then back home, trying to keep her close enough while I hosed her down pre-bath, but ended up chasing her around in circles around the yard.
Then. The Bath and dealing with soppy wet towels, too much lather and a very uncooperative dog,....soon after followed by vacuuming the whole house of the grass and twig bits that her fur carried home,, its the "green machine" carpet spot cleaning of mud that dripped while she was being carried to The Bath....the moping of the bathroom floor and cleaning of the tub to get rid of the mud/clay and pools of water that was everywhere.... All of course by this time she's going ca-razy all over the house (do all dogs so this after a bath?)...Butterfly Rose is then going ca-razy all over the house because well..why not right and altho Piper isnt at all a barker..Butterfly Rose most definitly is... and of course, at this exact moment my Bunny and her friends walk in the front door from school, to find me standing there with muddy dog splatter all over soaking wet dress tucked into itself (so I wouldnt get it wet while I was bent over the tub...obviously) my hair half wet, half muddy,half up..mascara smeared down my cheeks..and dogs going bazeerk now chasing the cat...O!..and one of them (the dogs), in the excitment of it all threw up...This was a walk in the park that might have been more work than it was worth...for me..She obviously loved it "and had so much she needed a bath anyways right?" <------that's me mocking myself

but no, you still cannot take her...Iwant her here...with us...forever, I love her: but thank you just the same

One more thing:

Since my Bunny is not a girly girl...I make up for it with the dogs...
Purple and Pink Highlights?

O, but yes I did!

The Mister was so very not impressed..but Bunny and I thought it was hilarious and lookit these girls..they clearly are feelin it.

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