April 19, 2011

White? Rea-lly.

Smokin Busy is a wonderful thing when your passionate about what you do. However, I do still keep my priorities in check and make sure I take 2 full days off a week..to snuggle with my Bunny, do laundry and if the Mister has an extra day off..Ill take off another one just because I can. Today, we were having just sucha day..it was wonderful and beautiful and relaxing and perfect..until I had to walk away from a pretty awesome piece of furniture. Alright...what REALLY happened was, the Mister and I spent the day in a small town about 45 minutes outside our city...to cleanse our lungs with fresh praire air and enjoy a slower pace of day. Well, after lunch, and a couple glasses of wine and some deep conversation, I tracked down the thrift store...where I saw it....could be a dresser..could be a sideboard...either way, I loved it and thought it was stuffed with potential....but as I was on my hands and knees scouring the condition of the bottom drawers...the Mister, from over my shoulder said "theres no way thats gonna fit in our basement right now plus you hurt your back and cant lift anything this heavy" and right there I knew that if I was to get this home, Id have to ask Betty, the 79 year old Salvation Army volunteer working the counter, to help load it into our Dodge and.....I just couldnt do that.

I did take a photo..because Im thinking I may be just stubborn enough to figure out a way to get this baby but that decision's going to be based soley on how many times I pine over this picture to make sure-for-sure its worth the trek back...

Now, The Mister will be workin some overtime the next few weeks since its patio season starting up at the restaurant so Ill need to refer to my plan B, which is my sister..She aquired that position a few weeks ago when I had to go to an old hotel that was closing down and getting rid of all the furniture. I didnt want to go alone up to room 576 to pick it up...and not that I was asked to, but I was meeting "the guy" and didnt know exactly where he was going to direct me to. Now, I dont know about anyone else, but instead of that lil voice softly whispering in your ear things you should reconsider, I get a breaking news story play out.. CNN ticker tape and everything flashing around in my head, full audio, interviews with friends and family talking about how they cant believe I did that...which is weird I know, but also kinda cool since I cannot NOT listen to it..and if I choose to ignore and things go bad, I only have myself to blame...so I called my sister and Mimi came with me so I wouldnt be dismembered.
For the record, "the guy", who was a very big guy, was waiting outside for me, hanging out up against his Harley Davidson smokin his cigarette. It was a muddy, sloppy disaster underfoot thanks so much to the previous days' weather and I of course was wearing my favorite pink faux-suede ballet flats..I had to climb up the door frame of my Dodge, onto the seat and jump to go and introduce myself..."The guy" was so incredibly nice and not only trecked thru the mud and loaded all 4 tables into the back of my car for me, he offer'd to haul me back over all the mud too so I wouldnt wreck my shoes.. I dont think he would have cut off any of my body parts and its hard to kidnap someone against their will when your driving a Harley..so I feel the situation turned out to be a completly a safe one.

*Disclaimer- I do not at all feel like the Harely Davidson had anything to do whatsoever with the level of "safeness" I was in. Ive met some amazing people who happen to drive Harleys..and Ive known some real a**holes who also happen to drive Harleys....however, the latter I feel, dont deserve the Harley*

**Disclaimer #2....I also dont feel the situation was valued as "unsafe" because of the use of cigarettes. I used to smoke eaons ago and I thurly enjoyed it (for the most part...minus the hacking cough, the smellyness, spending gobs of cash, total exclusion from any and all social gathering places and the fear of death)....my girlfriend Ang and I have agreed that we cannot wait until we're 82 years old so we can start right back up again**

So, I survived another day to finish a project...and this one was a doozey for me.

Here's the before:

It was very frustrating because everything I envisioned did not play out well in real life. I wanted a soft teal color, but once I painted it, all I saw was a 1982 seafoam green bridesmaid dress...I went with grey, but I didnt like it since I still was pouting over my teal...same thing with the yellow. I even tucked this table in a  corner to forget about it and move on but I just couldnt . I felt like I was giving up and I dont like that feeling...So.I had no choice. I pulled out the big guns. A color I never...ever......use.

I discovered its really really hard to take photo's of white furniture..

I used silver leaf around the paneling of the doors and did a metallic silver glaze overtop the white detail I added  into them which you cant really see...but its there..See the lil bits of color going around the door? I painted inside the table my teal green and it ended up boardering the doors, which made me happy.

I didnt really know what to do with the white after I painted it on and I didnt love-love it....yet..so I grabbed my mouse sander and got to it with nothing to lose. I super distressed to show the teal underneth...which made me much happier.

and she's done and I LOVE her, but she made me work for it!..White? Who knew. I have a new respect for the color. Clearly tho. Shabby-fab white is the exact shade this one was meant to be!!
The Universe said so.
I wonder if the Universe will also tell the Mister that I need that sideboard in my basement?



  1. fabulous!
    i like this piece - wasn't sure i believed in its revival potential, but never doubted yours and voila - beauty from whenst it came from the arms of a harley rider!

  2. the paper really makes it! it looks awesome!

  3. Gorgeous! Your attention to detail is amazing!


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