June 18, 2011

Robins and Finch's

My house is full of grumps. I believe it has to do with the weather but it doesnt make it any easier. My Bunny is excused for it because she had 2 back to back birthday parties to go to today and one last night....PLUS, they had the big year end party for grade 4's at school yesterday that was exhausting in itself..I know this because I was there running one of the games tables. Im grumpy because everyone else's grumpy is wearing off on me...This rain needs to stop or we need to move to the coast where altho it rains just as much...its the coast...its just way better rain.

I finished these 2 sidetables earlier this week when I was a powerhouse of productivity.I had originally got them for myself as I loved the retro-ness and the design, but my bed is weirdly high so they didnt work...
Here they are before:  Ummm..so..I dont dust K.

There were various stages of creation with these.  Green was first, then white washed with green underlay, then all over crisp white, onto dark teal, with added copper and blue leaf to the edges of the doors but finally...in the end....Robin's Egg soft blue and thats it..simple and clean.

I painted every-single-thing on these babies..the hardware, the hinges...and then distressed...and distressed and distressed. The Mister still shakes his head when he see's me take my electric sander with 120 grit to a newly painted piece that took me 4 coats and 3 days....

My shabby-ness style carries outside to our much loved, much used but sadly neglected deck...

The color was a mistint find, but very close to:

It was very hard to take an accurate photo of the tables color and paint technique inbetween rain storms but HERE THEY BE. I think they turned out super classic shabby chic!!


This super brightened my rainy day today!

Katie and her Mister came over to pick up the last dresser from the set as well as 2 other pieces they bought from me..and she brought me my Indigo Finch goodies. A laptop case and an ipod case! They are amazing! I lovelovelove them and apparently so did my Bunny because she thieved the ipod case as soon as K left..so I ordered another one

I recognize Im slightly weird because I did specifically ask for not matching..Its mainly because of my flea market chic style, but also because Im non committal and indecisive..I could never just pick ONE favorite fabric!!

Like...ALL my favorite colors!

Gawd, I wish I had the sew skills.

I asked Katie if she could make me a case for everything I own..cellphone, toothbrush, the pen I keep in my purse, lip balm, an Indigo Finch case for my makeup case...I could easily get out of hand with these adorable things.

If anyone's interested in some Indigo Finch for yourself, let me know and Ill forward you on to Katie!


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2011

    I love that colour! Great job :)

  2. i think that might be the best ever shade of robin egg blue

  3. Great job of making the old look new and then making it look old :) Love the snazzy color too!


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