June 21, 2011

Great Grandpa M's "other" table

Today I had to drive far NW Calgary to drop off my Dad's coffee table that I refinished. I live in deep SE so we dont visit as often as we would like too..I, however, LOVE driving up to his house because the NW part of the city is actually my favorite having lived there for a good chunk of my city-living life...plus, theres tree's..lots lotsa tree's being an older area....gawd, I love tree's.

Anyways, we all had coffee and homemade waffles and excellent conversation...and I surprised him with his table. He knew today he was getting it back, but I refused to send him any sneak peaks. My great Grandfather built this table (just like the other one I refinished right here) My dad says it was pre-1968 for sure and its one solid piece of beautiful wood.

It was shellac'd to HIGH heaven, so some good 'ol elbow grease with sanding and stripping was required. As much as I love a good seal on a piece of furnitre, I think after 50+ years, Shellac literally turns to glass..I had to wear protective gear for the bits that was flying out at me from under my belt sander..and I thought paper cuts were the worst thing ever

I wanted it to "go with" but not match the previous table I did:

The grain of the wood in the first table reminded me of wind blowing, with this second table, it looked more like water to me....I did matching legs, distressed and oil glazed..I stained the top in the same cherry color and used the same colors for the design...

but I did a ship, modeled after The Bounty..which happens to be my Dad's favorite ship.

I wanted simple and more wood than not, so a ship sailing by light of the copper moon was perfect.

Metallic copper leaf for the moon relecting off some of the sails, while I did copper and blue teal metallic leaf for the water. My Bunny named the ship..she's so brilliant! She said that since our great (great) Grandfather built the table, it really should be named after him...I told you... she's brilliant!

Dad said that in the lamp light, the metallic copper shimmers....that was a bonus...I had no idea that would happen.....or wait. Umm...yes I did..*snicker*..Im totally lying..I didnt!

This is a much loved table and will live happily ever after with its other half..I have one more to do..the next one is completly different from these but made by great Grandpa for my great Grandma which is just so awesome! My Dad told me about it as the start of the first table but I had actually forgotten all about it. Then, after the homemade waffles, coffee, excellent conversation...birds singin and tree's...gawd, I love tree's, I saw it sitting at the front door waiting for me.


and here are these 2 in there new forever home:

I loved working on these...I kept thinking about my great grandpa...and it was a lovely thing to think about and keep me company while I worked!


  1. Geezer DadJune 21, 2011

    I'm so happy to have both pieces back with new Life and Energy! The wood is dazzling, tagged with the "art"! Grandpa McLaughlin would be thrilled to see what you've done to revitalize both! I am :)
    It's kind of a shame, I've only got 3 ;-)

  2. aw that looks adorable!!!! you did a great job with the boat- i also love the previous table with hte tree!


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