June 28, 2011

Cabin Fever

I forgot to post last week..I thought I posted this but clearly I didnt..
Last week was a busy one, but now...today is the first day of summer vacation 2011!! The temperture outside is sweltering hot after weeks of rain and my Bunny decides all she wants to do is lay in the couch and watch movies. Well...its her first summer vacation day, she can do whatever she wants. I have a moutian of laundry to do and a nap I need to take myself so her plan works for me too. Tomorrow tho, we'll be outside!

So, last week I met a really geninue lovely person via the internet who was looking for A) a dresser for her master bedroom at her cabin and B) a front door table, also for her cabin, to keep keys, purses, overdue library books ect on. I had both stored in my basement (waiting for her Im sure) The dresser Ill start next week, as Im still working on two other client pieces *stay tuned* For the table, I easily smwished it in while paint was drying on the customs and finshed it before C+family headed out to BC for the weekend.....I wish I had a BC cabin for every single day of my life. Id live there and every few months for a weekend return to my "city cabin" for Costco runs, a night at the theatre daaaaling, a sushi lunch, a sushi dinner, and sushi to go for the car ride back ..then I'd happily return to my cabin in the woods....ahhh...cabin, I love that cozy word...ahhh..my Dreams. The Mister and I eloped in B.C...anyways.

The Before:

The molding on the edges of the drawers were in rough shape and had hunks missing..as you can see.. I just tore those baby's right off with a hammer and filled in the holes. My client wanted something light and fresh and since we both loved the straight to the point 1960's look this table had..I wanted to keep it streamlined and simple.


Robins Egg blue with white down highlights on the legs and the inside edge of the drawers.

Drawers lined with a lace paper

I LOVE how she turned out and how simple was the perfect way to go! I also think tearing off the extra edging just added to the streamline look and cleaned it up a bit. The exact look I wanted.
I will envy this table forever, not only for her small ankles, but also for her Happily Ever after in a BC cabin! My client picked her up the day she was finished and they drove west into the sunset together..


  1. thats adorable, love the color and the shape of the table.

  2. Super cute! I love the retro look too! Love the colors as well!!

  3. That is SUCH a unique piece and I love how you finished it!!

  4. so cute! i am with katie- loving the retro look and color!

  5. The afta is GREAT! really nice :)


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