July 6, 2011

Beautiful People, Pricelss Art & the Banana Stickers.

Summer!  I LOVE the sun and the sleep'n in and having my Bunny home every single day. We've been busy and she's only been home a week. With Canada Day and The Mister taking a  few days off (and surprising me with Wicked theatre tickets..have I ever told you how much I LOVELOVELOVE theatre) I been sleeping like a baby come the end of the day. All of this hasnt left me as much time to paint, but Ive been squeeking some in to get a couple projects done...a week or so later than normal, but yesterday, as I was getting a pedicure with my Bunny after lunch on a patio and a bike ride down by the river...I wasnt too concerned..gawd, I love summer.

So, this table was a client owned piece and lemmie just say how beautiful her and her family are. I met with her a couple times as she's come over to see other pieces Ive done and we've chatted like we've known each other for-eva! You know when you know you meeting really lovely genuine beautiful people? I love it when that happens..She had this solid wood dining table that works perfect for her family but being as loved as it was over the years, it needed a lil luv'in itself. Now, a kitchen table is the heart of home..its THE place where friends and family gather so I was freakin excited when J asked ME to redo her's!

please excuse the shady grainy photo..It was J's email to me that didnt enlarge well. Then I forgot to take one of my own..however, you get the gist.

There was beautiful crayon artwork on the underside that J and her husband didnt know about until they brought the table over...Of course I left it intact..that kind of 3 year old artwork is pricesless. It reminded me of a bookshelf in our living room where my Bunny stuck all her apple and banana stickers to (the small ones that are stuck on the apples and bananas for the cashier to know the code...yes, those ones, not cute lil apple and banana stickers) On the underside of the middle shelf..there must be 500 of them...I discovered them just the other day when I was laying on my back on the floor, not a view I normally get and looked up. She said its her "collection" and she's been "collecting" for "years"...I think its hilarious..and she's happy she doesnt have to stick em there in secret anymore.. Ill try to post a photo of it, if I can angle my neck and camera that way together...

Anyways, J and I thought that a dark grain on top, keeping as many of the knicks and dents as possible would go excellent with the white-y-cream color she had chosen for legs.
We were right! After stipping and sanding (Thank you to The Mister and my Bunny for the gift of my belt sander) then painting, staining and distressing..finally sealing the top with beeswax (I chose it for many reasons over poly but the main being that this is where they'll be eating so I wanted something 100% natural)

Here is the after!
(taken in my basement again...sorry..home alone)

*and flash*

*and no flash*

the top stained bea-u-ti-fully! Like an old farm house table with dents and knicks and rubs all in different hue's in the perfect places. I admit, I had table top envy when I watched this magic happen.

and Blogger is being a pain in my arse and taking 210 years to download photo's..so Ill have to cut this short and skip right to the end




  1. great job, I love that the *history* doesn;t have to leave to get a brand new lovely look :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Gawd, but I love how the wood and wood grain come alive with what you've done with it! :) Wonderful piece!

  3. that table looks awesome! it is loaded with the character it was lacking before.... great job, christie!


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