October 16, 2011

Wha?! Vegas?!

K..Ive been busy. Custom pieces coming out of the ying yang!  I am so in love with what I do every single day. Ive also been hauling home more pieces so needless to say..the basement studio's getting cozy....THEN....then in the middle of it all, my husband, in the thick of Thanksgiving dinner, surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas, oh yeah, leaving the very next morning! I was freaking out excited!! I LOVE good surprises! This one and the Pearl Jam one just last month...The Misters on a really great roll.  He had set up everything ...My mom here from out of town to take care of Madi, flights booked, MGM Grand waiting for us..the man even faked his work schedule for the week we would be gone so I wouldnt think anything funky...amazing....amazing because I kinda pride myself on knowing every single thing that goes on around here....clearly...he's that good. I had even yelled at him a few days before. I was venting about my super crappy day and he kept texting on his phone..I went crazy wife on him about not even taking time out to listen to me....and dammit,  he apologised, made ammends when really, he was talking to my mom about final secret details...ahhh..dammit again..oops.

This was the sign the Mister and Madi pulled out at the table that had me totally confused and wondering why my 10 year old, as awesome as this picture is, why she would be drawing it?

I missed pumpkin pie dessert to pack but a few hours later, here I was:

I LOVE the Alberta praire quilt!

Our "home" for the week....this is our 3x doing the Vegas. We LOVE Vegas....we have some friends living down there and so we were able to meet up with them at the Hard Rock for one of the best nights ever....Thank you M & D for insisting I sit at the poker table and for being JUST as happy as I was when I had crazy beginners luck winning lotsa purple chips!!.....It helped encouraged me to spend a ridiculous amount of guilt free money on the boots of my dreams! Woot! Woot!


I just finished this hutch before we left..It was a piece I had hauled home from Lethbridge. My client loved the bones of it. She snatched it up, choose the main color, told me her other favorite things...then I took it from there.


Painted green, added texture, distressed and dark wax'd all over

I painted the inside dark chocolate brown, added a new pine shelf stained dark walnut....

I lined all the drawers with fabric..added antique hardware as well as orange glass knobs for contrast.

I have a short list of my personal favorites from pieces Ive done....this one's on it!

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  1. That is awesome! You have such a talent for reimagining a piece.

  2. what a great piece! the color is so fun and the size and shape are wonderful!

  3. AWESOME!! Love the color. Love the texture and love the orange!!!
    Super cool!!!


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