October 29, 2011

Clean Laundry makes for a Forgiving Family.

Ive been struggling a little bit....Hey, just keepin it real. Lately, painting and laundry..thats whats getting me off the couch every morning after I get Mad off to school. Painting, because it focus's my brain on other things and I have a really great backlog of custom pieces Im excited to get too.. Laundry because I still feel like a great mom and wife with clean laundry piles littering my house, even if the fridge is empty and the bathroom can talk back.  Life's a little bumpy for me right now with a few different things..My Grandfather, who Ive always been extremely close too, isnt doing very well at all since his second stroke  and its been really hard for me to deal with anything in a clear head right now.... thank goodness for earplugs, ipods, afternoon naps and things to paint...o, and laundry and a forgiving family too. Im better by myself when these moods hit. The Mister came home early the other day and found me painting our much loved black bathroom a color I had invented with a range of mistint paints from my basement....I had no plans whatsoever to paint that bathroom..I dont even know how the hell it happened. I sorta came out of a trance and I was too far in to stop...but he knows not to question any my erratic unplanned outbursts of self inflicted chaos..he laughs (sometimes), shakes his head (everytime) and leaves me alone...smart man...and the new color of the bathroom is slowly growing on me *grin* Im not sure if its growing on him at all, but he wouldnt tell me if it wasnt anyway..he's that kind of awesome.

I hauled home this coffee table eons and forever ago....I loved the curvy details and the defined parts of it..its was bea-u-ti-ful to me..

I had brilliant grand plans to get a mirror cut for the top, but well..sometimes never happens and that mirror idea never happened..instead this did:

I stripped the top and used graphite chalk paint on the legs and skirt...For the frame, I painted it with yellow, then turquoise latex..and finally, soft white chalk paint overtop....distressed and sanded to bring those colors thru and to shab up the whole damn thing. A lil bit of clear wax, slabbed on some dark wax, then a little bit of poly for the big finish.


She turned out to be a beaut....and was sold the same day I finished her, headed to Grand Prairie to live happily ever after...much to the disapointment of the 6 other people that wanted her too.

I have a bit of a backlog with blog posts of finished pieces and ramblings....Ive been productive.
Please, Patience Daniel-son.



  1. Holy moly, I LOVE this!!! I'm saving this to hopefully copy it someday!! So sorry to hear about your grandfather. Here's hoping to sunnier days for the both of you!

  2. THANK YOU Allison for the kind words and encouragement! Please save away!!

  3. love how this turned out and how you used the 2 different colors with stain. are you using the ascp now and if you are how do you like it. i would love to feature this you know i love your stuff, let me know if this is ok with you!

  4. Hi Lauren! Thank you!! Of course you can feature it! Feature away!! That makes me so excited!!
    This table, I did use ascp graphite and soft white. The paint itself I like, I dont *love* it more than latex but I am still struggling with liking the wax..I like using the paint as a primer under latex on more distress'd pieces, I can get some color peeking thru instead of white or gray primer. For an all over painted ascp piece, Ive being glazing or oiling my pieces instead of the wax and using poly with a light sanding with steel wool to take down the shine after it dries...How are you feeling about ascp??

  5. so fun and eclectic! i love the multi colored look on this one and i love that they are all kind of rustic colors.

  6. Hi Christie , great I can't wait! I haven't used Anne slone yet but I'm glad to read your post , I'm thinking about trying to make my own so if I do I'll let you know . I love the latex paint the only reason I wanted to try the chalk paint is so I don't have to prime and I heard the distressing is better with ascp

  7. I'll be featuring you next monday! I'll email you when i post it! Picked up some unsanded grout to try to make my own chalk paint, cross your fingers

  8. YES Lauren! Let me know how that works!! Im intreigied with this bravery you have o do it! I would LOVE to just whip up a batch of my own CP..Its expensive stuff and sometimes I love a latex color that I cant get in CP...that being said, I am loving dark wax...you might too!


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