October 31, 2011

Halloween 1978 and lil baby things..

Halloween night and Im lounging on my couch watching Halloween circ: 1978 with Jaime Lee Curtis...Ive been told its a classic but Im not really seeing that at all....Im laughing more than cowering....I hate hate hate horrror movies. I have an over active imagination and am emotionally dependant..so, being terrifed isnt a really fun emotion for me...However, this movie's kinda awesome in a very safe Halloween "classic" horror movie sorta way., so ..Im safe.

My daughter is now at the age where she goes off with a groiup of friends and leaves her Dad and I here to fend for ourselves watching these movies and handing out candy to adorable little people.. Its bittersweet. I want to be out with her but, Im so proud of her for being responsible enough for this to be a trust worthy option..Last Saturday, we went to Boo at the Zoo and *I* was having majormajormajor baby fever..Little adorable babies everywhere..I was drivng my husband nuts....but then. Then, when we got home..I realized what I really really wanted was a little baby duck, or a little baby storm trooper, a lil baby dinosaur or baby Batman...a baby giraffe or Winnie the Pooh..Oye!  Altho this feels like early retirment for her Dad and I, having an overly responsible, super polite, thoughtful, caring, adorable, witty 10 year old who's used as the bar to live up to with our friends children really is something to be proud of myself....even tho. even tho, I did pull out her very first ever Halloween lil baby ladybug costume and beg her to try it on..to squeeze into it...just for me..for one picture? I was flatly denied...probably a good thing. *smile*

Im still working on a bedroom set and a living room set for a client. Its taking me longer than normal because Ive managed to hit every single "never had that happen before."  This piano bench I did as a quickie job so I could walk away from the 2 custom sets until I figured out some new plans AND because my mom wanted it and was driving thru town in 2 days to get it.

See how professional my photo-taking is? Thats a grade-A-classy dog chew toy right there....

The hinges were busted off because the wood that keeps them in place was cracked and unrepairable (actually, I dont think thats really a word, but you know...)

I had tried a few idea's on this piece that all failed misrerably, so it was tucked in a corner to be forgotten about...Once I knew it was going to my Mum's house, a workable vision was easier to come up with...

For the top, I covered it in fabric lightly lined with some batting...Even tho I knew my mum was going to use it as a sidetable, the option for its use as a bench will, realistically and understandably, always be there really...so I wanted it to be a comfy spot.

I added some molding that I had left over from a another project and then painted layers of different colors all around the base and legs. I painted the whole thing in a mistint yellow, then distressed it to bring thru the layers of red, orange, green and blue..I oiled the whole thing up in walnut oil and the base was perfectly finished.


I replaced the base of the inside storage "place"....fixed the hinges and re-attached the top..

The weather was terrible so the pictures are terrible.sorry..Winter in Calgary, Alberta is a dark and gloomy affair..and its just begining...blek.

This vintage piano bench is already settled as a sidetable in Lethbridge, where Ill get to see it in action..which I never really get to do with my pieces....bonus baby.

My Ladybug just came home with a majormajor haul...13 super large bigger than regular sized chocolate bars in the midsts of the pile..Apparently, they went to the "rich houses," Clearly that paid off way better for her than that plan ever did for me...Mad said they were all presented to her on a silver platter each time too but..who knows...that could be right.


  1. Nicely redone...your Mum must be thrilled!

    Laughed out loud at halloween "rich houses!"

    Deborah (visiting happily from http://upcyclingmylife.blogspot.com...hope you'll stop by and say hi too...) ♥ ♥

  2. so sweet- i love its slender legs and wish my legs looked like that! :)

  3. You're a "talent" for sure!! You'll have to talk to Uncle about a chair he thinks he needs in the living room but can't be big etc etc etc. You might just be THE answer to his chair dilema! :)


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