November 10, 2011

While the Paint dries & a perfect compromise..

K, first of all..Blogger is being weird with the layout...sorry for the gaps inbetween everything..I dont know what thats about...
TA-DA! Im done the large custom set Ive had since June. However, they're not what this post is about because I am ex-haust-ed and they're ALL the way in my basement....and Im way too ex-haus-ted to walk down stairs to snap mildly crappy photo's and then try to get myself back up those stairs. Normally, in situations like that, I rely on my husband or Mad to (literally)  walk behind me and push my butt up one step at a time, but since Im back in winter sessions of bootcamp, I already cashed that favor in on Monday.So, you'll have to wait for those pictures...No no no, THIS post is about 2 pieces Ive finished while waiting for paint on the large pieces to dry..

This first one is a mirror I hauled home a few weeks ago and painted for a client..


Originally T was thinking black but once she sent me photo's of her (gorgeous!!) home, I suggested a graphite gray instead because *I thought* it would look so lovely as a softer shade with the rest of her space....T loved the graphite color and hi ho, off I went.

I used AS chalk paint..graphite and old white...distressed and then dark wax'd (I do love that dark wax) to give it that been around forever... looking just like this look .

Gobby gawdy details like this make me swoon....

 T LOVED her new mirror..said it was perfectly perfect and I LOVE it when those kinda things happen..Sometimes, the piece picks the person..

NOW: My  Revived Vintage turn...
Ive wanted a cuckcoo clock forever..a geniune German hand widdled cuckcoo's every hour with a lil pop out bird clock....BUT, the family wasnt on all. They actually were vehemently against it. Madi is terrified of birds and The Mister doesnt like  things cuckcoo-ing at all hours of the any part of the day...So, no cuckcoo clock for me ever..thats been well established..

Then: Then I found this.

So ugly but so pretty in all the right places! Now, one of my favorite, read first everyday blogs is from Lauren at West Furniture Revival..LOVE this blog and love my lil chats with Lauren thru blog comments...Anyways, she redid this clock <----click it, click right there..... isnt it just bea-ut-iful?! It got my inspirations all fired up..and here's what came to be.

Dude! I love it!  The flea market chic-ness of it...I went distressing mad on this baby..and its perfect for me. The blue I mixed myself  because I couldnt find the shade I had in my head at any paint store....but it was no big deal

The chime! *swoon* Its not a loud ear ringing one either but very soft and lovely. When your in the kitchen, you only hear it in the kitchen..not upstairs and down the hall ya know...the Mister hasnt yet shared what he feels about that chime..I think he knows he doesnt stand a chance since he nixed my cuckcoo clock dream OR, maybe, so long as its not a cuckcoo clock, he doesnt care...Mad thinks everytime the chime goes off, its the doorbell and she goes to answer it....Well,  thats endless entertainment  Im very much enjoying, making me love this clock even more... I rarely. I mean, rare-ly keep any of my pieces...hardly never and for a few reasons...but this clock...THIS clock..I madly love..and functional too *grin* Good compromise! Cuckcoo-Shmuckoo....ppffttt....

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  1. Both are beautiful but I HEART the clock! Total Paris flea market look! Nice work.

  2. lOVE both pieces, and the clock is totally unique. great look for both!

  3. It looks totally amazing!! Very chic, are you sure you don't want to sell it? LOL

  4. they are both awesome, but the clock is so fabulous- love the patterned backing you added!


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